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Should I be taking other vitamins in addition to b12 injections?

I have pernicious anaemia and just wondering if I should be taking any other vitamins or supplements?

I currently get b12 injections every 8 weeks and at present do not take any other vitamins.

I have read other posts where people have mentioned taking folic acid in addition to b12. I plan to start taking folic acid this week. Should I be taking anything else on a regular basis?

Thank you

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Hi, it's important to keep eye on your folic acid, iron, vit d and potassium, I also take a multi vitamin.


Thanks Jcwg,

Had a look online at centrum multivitamins. They seem to cover everything you mentioned except the potassium.


Hi Strawberry Dream,

I was advised by a haematologist to take a good multi vitamin (one you get OTC) as it then makes sure you get all vits/ minerals in a balanced format say. If you give loads of on (B ) vit it can deplete others because of increased demand on others, many vits need each other to be metabolised.

It is also not uncommon to become folate and or iron def once B12 treatment has started so a blood test can be useful. If you are deficient in either folate (and B6) and or ferritin then your B12 will not be fully used, and visa versa, and prescribed high doses are usually given by GP, for 3-4 months to address the deficiency.

I hope this help,

Kind regards,



Potassium is only really an issue in the early stages of treatment e.g. when having loading injections. The sudden increase in B12 stimulates the creation of new red blood cells which can cause the potassium level to drop.


Thanks everyone. Great advice and information as usual! :)


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