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How much potassium to take w B12?

Hi everyone,

I keep reading you need to take potassium when you start taking high doses of b12 (I've had 5 loading doses recently & plan to self inject every month). I'm just interested in how much I should be taking?? Also I've heard I'd also need to take magnesium to help with absorbing potassium so if anyone has a dosage for that that would be great.

I eat a banana every day but that probably isn't enough potassium!

Thank you

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If you have anaemia then it is possible to experience problems with your potassium levels falling when you start treatment with B12.

I would not advise specifically supplementing with potassium as it is quite possible to overdose on potassium.

If you have anaemia then your GP should monitor your potassium levels as you start treatment.

Having said that - bananas are a good source of potassium so i don't think I would do more than that.

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to get potassium you would need to eat quite a lot of Bananas , i have coconut water and pineapple juice every day the coconut water has heaps of potassium in it .pineapple juice to mask the taste ! :)

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I eat dates and bananas on a regular basis.

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Avocados and jacket potatoes are another good source of potassium.


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