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Injection of B 12 stopped

As you live 8miles from me I think you must attend the largest practice in Wales, as there is only the one practice in the area. Argyle Medical Group.

I was also told to stop the injections after the loading doses and one further one. I have pheripheral neuropathy, autoimmune connective tissue disease with vasculitis.

May initial level was 136ng. I went to see them to discuss the fact that I should be having more injections as I had neurological issues and this was when they said they would retest me. The result was 600 which it would be following the injections and I was told I could not have any further injection.

I was off the B12 for 8months but the rheumatologist put in her letter that I should restart it and stay on it as it would just go down again. Having said that I don't think that even they know that the guidelines are different if there are neuro issues. The pheripheral neuropathy has gone worse.

One problem is that the doctors do not let you express an opinion, only the Dr has any say in your health. A very dangerous way of practicing medicine.

Not sure where you go from here even with private health ins.

Perhaps Martyn Hooper of PAS would know who was knowledgeable in the subject as he lives at Bridgend. I think you would need to go as far as Swansea or Cardiff and not locally. Good luck I would like to hear how you get on. Please post again.

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hi. just got this post. I'm not with Argyle and we have different conditions . I do wish you all the best with what happens next for you ok. I have giant liver hemangioma. not on meds. hope all goes well for you ☺


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