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Needles for IM Vit B injections


After much thinking about it and researching, I have decided that I am going to start self injecting as my GP won't give me loading doses despite severe neurological issues. I was just wondering if anyone with any experience had any links for the needles and syringes they use for intramuscular injections. I have had a look around any many of the links no longer work.

Thank you!

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I order B12 from:

The site is easy to use - just press Union Jack for translation

Search for 'hydroxocobalamin' and select: B12 DEPOT ROTEXMEDICA (10x1ml). Pay through PayPal.

Syringes, needles, sterile wipes and Sharps boxes from:

BD Plastipak 2ml syringes

TErumo Agani 21G x 1 1/2 " green needles to draw the solution up into the syringe

BD Microlance 23g x 1.25 "Blue needles for the IM injection


BD Microlance 26G x 3/8" Brown needles for sub cut


Warm up the ampoule of B12 to body temperature and Inject slowly.

Good Luck jrb85 you'll be so glad, as I was, to take control of your health at last.

jrb85 in reply to Polaris

Thank you so much for this! Out of interest how often do you I next yourself?

Polaris in reply to jrb85

I've been self injecting sub cut for around three months now, 'every other day until no further improvement', as advised in the BNF for neurological symptoms.

Tingling fingers, toes, tongue, tinnitus and terrible fatigue have now practically disappeared.

I also added a multicomplex B vitamin supplement every few days as well as 'Gentle Iron' every other day between injections.

You probably already know, it's also important to have potassium rich foods - bananas, yoghurt, etc.

Hope all goes as well for you jrb85.

jrb85 in reply to Polaris

Ready to do my first injection today! Thank you for all the advice! Have you noticed a difference in how you feel?

Polaris in reply to jrb85

Have noticed huge improvements but still get occasional bouts of bad fatigue and tingling, usually after doing too much or any stress.

Its still early days though.

Hope all goes well with injecting jrb85.

Looking answer this and I found that Amazon UK. No longer sell needles.


I get all my needles , syringes, swabs etc from Medisave uk . Very good reasonable prices . Excellent needles for £2.35, for 100 . Terumo Agani 21G x 1 1/2 " to draw up the B12.Terumo Agani 25G x 1" to inject ( higher yeh gauge , the thinner the needle . As I use 10 ml ampoule of B12 , I use a 10 ml syringe . Don't forget swabs and a yellow sharps box for disposal of needles .

kirsten555 in reply to wedgewood

I use Medisave too - a good, reliable company!

There is a company called proximity who do a choose your own needles package which now comes up in ebay. I have used them before and they were easy, cheap and fast to deal with. Just put in -proximity needles swabs- in your normal search bar and it should take you straight there.

Nearly everything Polaris says only I use a different German supplier & make of B12. You will not believe the difference this makes ...

When you say 'you will not believe the difference this makes' are you referring to B12 injections per se or do your mean the actual make of B12?

I took control of my own health by SI last February and by this July I'm almost at full health again though I've had little blips - getting the right b12 ampoules for me, iron tabs at right amount & frequency of SI. Made the mistake of doing what the NHS does, tried to stretch out the space between them - for the moment it appears I feel fine & improving with a jab every other day - pills, patches, sub linguals made no difference at all. And by the way thank god for this forum & website.

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