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I have read loads of posts on here but I am just getting more confused about folate.

I have recently had B12 injections, first was 5 every other day, then 5 every 3 days.

The first times I felt okay for the first couple of days, then not so good, then I took folate (800 mcg) after the third injection and felt better.

The second time I felt okay for a couple of days, then not so good and it got gradually worse until nearly three weeks after finishing the injections I started the folate again and felt better.

I am now supposed to have injections every 3 months and I am not taking any B12 supplements so I can see how I feel after having had the injections, so should I be taking the folate in between the injections or not?

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From the information I have read on this sight I would continue with your B12 injections and take 5000 mcg of Folate along with a healthy diet rich in Potassium. I am in a similar position as I felt great after injections of B12 then began to go down hill. I'm going to increase my Folate from 400 mcg to 5000 mcg and see how I feel! We are recommend to read the files on PA which I'm trying to do as well. Good luck and wish you well. 😄


Thanks for your comment, I should have pointed out that I am now supposed to have injections every 3 months, so I wasn't sure if I should take the folate for the whole time in between injections.


You need folate to process B12. This means that if you start processing a lot of B12 you will use a lot of folate so it can leave you with depleted levels of folate and then leave you unable to process B12 further.

If at all possible best to get folate from food- most fresh fruit and veg are good sources - broccoli is particularly good.

5000mcg is the amount that is given to people that have a folate deficiency that needs to be corrected and is probably going to be overkill. Most people manage with 400-800 mcg.

It is possible, particularly if you were anaemic, for potassium levels to drop fall when you start getting B12 injections and you can get a potassium deficiency - however, you can also overdose on potassium so I wouldn't recommend taking a supplement for that - but try eating a banana (good source of potassium) and see if that helps.


That's great advice, thanks.

So is this how it works? I have I had so much through injections that I will have a store of it to use and should keep taking folate and potassium to be able to process the B12 over the next three months, until my next injection?


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