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GP offered me B12 injections - yay!!!!


I’m sooooo relieved. After my A&E visit on New Year’s Day, with neurological symptoms, I was keen to see my GP. She was brilliant, commented that even though my B12 levels were increasing nicely with twice daily 50mcg cyanocobalamin (which ruled out an absorption problem) she completely understood that I was still feeling pretty rough, and commented that my levels would need to be higher for longer in order for my symptoms to stop. And even though my blood results validate the doctor’s initial theory that the deficiency is dietary (I clearly don’t eat as much meat as I thought ….. ) she’s aware that I’ve been feel rough since the end of November, and offered me injections without me having to ask. So I’m having a 12 month trial of injections, starting tomorrow. Three injections per week for two weeks, then one every three months, then we’ll review things at the end of the 12 month period.

The doctor’s computer screen had a very clear display showing the following B12 blood results (I’ve added the narrative so hopefully it makes some sense). I’ve had a lot of blood tests recently, mainly to check thyroid levels, but B12 was tested at the same time:

157 – Aug 2015, GP noticed this, advised dietary changes, but no symptoms at this point

172 – end of Nov 2015, appears to have increased without medical intervention, but starting to have symptoms, so 50mcg cyanocobalamin prescribed twice daily

175 – Early Dec 2015, increasing slightly after started taking tablets

199 – 20 Dec 2015, still increasing

214 – New Year’s Day at A&E: still increasing (I started taking 1000mcg lozenges after this, and obviously haven’t had a blood test since).

So (hopefully) onwards and upwards. I will keep you all posted!

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Hi petal02,

That's great news and a lovely start to the New Year for you,

Take care


Yeah! With proper treatment you should be feeling back to mormal soon.

I would still ask for an anti-IF test as it could be that you do have PA, but very early.

Pleased that you got injections.

Have you got copies of your FBC (Full Blood Count). I keep an eye on my MCV and MCH results.

I can see fbirder suggested asking for an IFA(Intrinsic Factor Antibody) test. Hopefully your GP has already given you one.

Have a look at page 29 in the BCSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines. This is a treatment and diagnosis flowchart and I think also mentions under what circumstances an IFA test should be given.

After many years of illness, it is finally looking as if I may get some B12 treatment from NHS but not assuming anything until I've actually had a jab. I have never tested positive on IFA test but have been symptomatic for years and it's not diet related.

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