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Vitamins for pregnancy

Hello all I have b12 deficiency but my GP refused injections I tested negative for pa but I'm told that could be inaccurate but anyways I supplement with jarrows lozenges 5000mcg I take Thorne b complex and liquid iron. I see my fertility doctor next week and will ask if any of what I take is safe for pregnancy but if not what can I suggest please what do others with low iron and low b12 take? Ive already had a miscarriage this year I'm hoping if I get my levels right I wont have too suffer one again. Any advice welcome many thanks x

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Pregnancy can affect the results of B12 tests.

I am not aware of any problems with taking B12 during pregnancy - in fact Sally Pacholok in 'could it be B12?' recommends that supplementationshould be routine during pregnancy and breast feeding to support foetal development.

Low levels of b12 and folate in pregnanacy are also a risk factor for pre-eclampsia.

I can't comment on the supplements you mention as I'm not aware what they contain.



There's an article on B12 deficiency in pregnancy in the library section on PAS website but you need to be a member to access this article.


The PAS might be worth ringing and asking for help.

01656 769717

Their office should be open Mon to Sat 8am til 2pm (not Sundays).


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