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For seven years I was experiencing off and on, hands and feet tingling, burning, pain, difficulty walking, extreme fatigue and depression. Countless visits to the ER and Dr. Office,checking for everything but B12. It then started where I had extreme difficulty getting dressed, had trouble feeding myself, could not write or hold a pen. Bending my neck sent electric shocks thru my body. Went to the hospital for MS testing. MRI, spinal tap, brain scan. After more testing, one Dr. checked my B12 level, it was 80. I spent 10 days in the hospital and 10 days in rehab. They were not sure if I would recover. Left untreated, B12 deficiency can cause permanent brain damage. I was lucky, everything reversed. Maybe if B12 methylcobalamin supplements were given early on, we might be able to prevent MS and other brain and nerve related diseases.

If that one Dr. didn't check my B12 level,I would have been diagnosed with MS, because the symptoms are the same.

B12 is vital for our health. It helps make DNA & RNA, your red blood cells.

Helps with Depression,Dementia,Sleep Disorders.

Protects &a rebuilds the Myelin sheath covering your nerve fibers.

Slows brain shrinkage up to 80%.

Lowers Homocysteine levels associated with heart disease.

If low levels are left unchecked, brain damage will occur and can become permanent.

Helps with age related macular degeneration.

By supplementing with sublingual Methylcobalmin B12 around 40 or 50 years of age, we could help prevent problems before they start.

Everyone should supplement and maintain blood levels of B12 in the range from 600 to 2000 pg/ml in order to avoid and, if this is the case, help recover from the wide range of problems that result from B12 deficiency or insufficiency. Health care practitioners: this is the first thing you should check for every patient that comes in, independently of their age or condition

Methylcobalamin: This is the neurologically active form of B12. It is technically a `coenzyme` of vitamin B12 and it is almost never prescribed by doctors despite being effective, readily available and inexpensive. It is also available in an injectable form. Degenerative neurological conditions are where methylcobalamin shows its greatest benefits over other cobalamin preparations. Brilliant news for MS’ers! Not only has Methylcobalamin been shown to work in neurologic diseases, it also helps with the elimination of toxic substances in

the body.

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B12 tends to be quite an individualistic thing and methyl doesn't suit everyone - some people can even have problems with it.

Personally I find that hydroxo works much better for me with neuropsychiatric symptoms than methyl ... and I use a mix of hydroxo, methyl and adenosyl for different symptoms. Some MS sufferers try the same but it doesn't work for them.

I also seem to need to keep my levels really high so they are permanently off the top of the range - which isn't a problem

Other than that I really do think that having easier access and more awareness of the need for B12 in some form would be great.


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