Injectable Methylcobalamin

Can someone who has any knowledge, PM me regarding the where abouts and costs, of obtaining Injectable Methylcobalamin please.

Thank you. :)

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  • Hi there. Id contact the pernicious anemia scociety,they are very helpfull. I got help from Martyn. He has also written a book that may help.

    All the best.

  • Thanks, but i think you have to become a member at the cost of £20!!!......can't afford it.

  • You CAN afford it . It concerns your health----sacrifice something you can do without. Smoking ? Drinking? Meals out?. etc. You wouldn't believe how helpful the P.A.S. is, and all the members. It needs every penny to carry on its great work

  • I know, i thought that, but its was worth it as there is always help when you NEED it. There seems to always be someone that has had a similar problem , or can understand a result that you migh find confusing. All i can say is Martyn helped me and seemed to know alot more about the condition than my Dr did or do.

    Kind Regards

  • Go to your doctor they will give them to you for free if they are a good surgery, mine did.

    Regards Happysmile

  • Ha ha,.....not a chance! :D

  • Trim Nutrition. Google them, they're in Florida. Recently ordered an injectable methyl B-12 kit for my son-- includes insulin needles and instructions, comes boxed with ice packs since it needs to be kept refrigerated. Look at the Methyl Max, which is much cheaper per injection (about $6 per), and has 2,000 mcg of methylcobalamin per dose. The order arrived in just one day. Seems to be helping with his peripheral neuropathy.

  • You can get it on line from the U.S.A., and from Oxford Biosciences (but only in dry form, you would have to get some saline)

  • You can get Methylcobalamin from this is a charity. They will send you out Methylcobalamin and you donate to the charity.

  • A great resource:

  • A great resource:

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