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B12 injections in Canary Islands?

Hi folks. I'm off to (wet and windy) Gran Canaria next week. Does anyone know whether I can buy B12 ampoules over the counter -- or even have a pharmacist give me an injection or two? We're going somewhere quite remote so it would mean a special taxi journey to a pharmacy. Worth the cost if they sell the B12 of course.

If I can buy them, am I allowed to bring them back into the UK?


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Can I come too, pleeeease :) (wet, windy & WARM!)

Seems you can buy most stuff at Euopean pharmacies - don't quote me 'tho, I even had trouble asking for calamine, as only spoke pigeon French.

I have travelled with Thyroid medication without problems, its the EU - USA can be complicated - best take a prescription note if you have one..

Jane :D



I tried to buy Hydroxycobalamin, injectable form, in Playa Blanca in Lanzarote to no avail. Was told I needed to have a prescription. This was in 2 different pharmacies.


Thank you. That's really useful to know.


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