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B12 deficiency??

Hello everyone.

You all are experienced with this kind of problem and i am really new so i dont know what is my problem.

First i have allergy to dust mites.

Second my B12 levels were like 214, 2 weeks ago.

2 months ago i was deficient with Vitamin D too. But now its 100.

Ok now i was having this unexplained pain in my chest. No lung issues. No bone issues.

A doctor suggested to take vitamin b12 1000mcg for a month.

Now pain is gone but i have started to get some congestion below my throat. Which i cant cough out. Makes me mild difficult to take normal breaths. I can remember it started with the supplementation.

Since i have allergy i feel like something in B12 supplements causing me allergy? Is it possible?

Second question i am having some itching and stinging kind of sensations all over my body. No that bad but it happens and make me uncomfortable sometimes. Some times stinging happens top of my head.

has anyone experience these kind of things? Is it deficiency of B12 causing these problem or B12 supplementation? I dont have any stomach issues. Nad with 1000mcg how much time it will take to get the normal results?

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