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Coeliac Disease

I am currently being tested for Coeliac Disease due to some very nasty stomach issues.

It's got to the stage where almost everything I'm eating has a negative impact on my digestive system!!

Gurgling, churning, sounds you'd expect from water pipes not my stomach!!

Then hey presto, diarrhoea!!!!

I had previously been tested for coeliacs but it returned negative, and the Dr reading my results at the time said she still thought I had it despite the negative blood test result.

So here we are again?!

I'd like to ask if anyone else with PA suffers from coeliacs and if so what your symptoms are/were?

I'm being tested for vitamin D, FBC, Thyroid, Coeliacs and was asked to give urine sample?

Dr thinks all my symptoms are typical of Coeliacs........I just want to be able to go out without worrying about my bowels if I'm honest!!


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Coeliac UK mentions that you can have a negative result and still have Coeliac Disease. Have you had a gut biopsy?


No I haven't had a biopsy yet as an still awaiting the result from the latest blood test.


There is also a possibility you could have IgA deficiency which would make your coeliac test come back negative. You can ask for a test for IgA deficiency.


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