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Low GGT on Blood Result. ls this PA related?

Hi!! Need some assistance deciphering blood work. Can't locate RBC Folate though it was on the blood requisition. Thank you!!

Result ReferenceUnit


WBC 5.3(4.0 - 11.0)x E9/L

RBC 4.21(4.00 - 5.10)x E12/L

Hemoglobin 134(120 - 160)g/L

Hematocrit 0.400(0.350 - 0.450)L/L

MCV 95(80 - 100) fL

MCH 31.8(27.5 - 33.0)pg

MCHC 335 (305 - 360)g/L

Platelets 241 (150 - 400)x E9/L

RDW 13.2 (11.5 - 14.5)%


Neutrophils3.0(2.0 - 7.5)x E9/L

Lymphocytes1.6(1.0 - 3.5)x E9/L

Monocytes0.6(0.2 - 1.0)x E9/L

Eosinophils0.2(0.0 - 0.5)x E9/L

Basophils0.0(0.0 - 0.2)x E9/L

Please note changes to PEDIATRIC CBC reference ranges as of June 15, 2015.

Biochemical Investigation of Anemias

Vitamin B12HI>^1476(198 - 615)pmol/L

Hematocrit0.400(0.350 - 0.450)L/L

Ferritin 17 ( 10 - 291) ug/L

General Chemistry

Calcium 2.38 ( 2.15 - 2.60)mmol/L

Gamma Glutamyl TransferaseLO11(12 - 43)U/L

Magnesium0.79 (0.70 - 1.00) mmol/L

Thyroid Function

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone [TSH]1.21 (0.30 - 4.00)mIU/L

Thyroxine Free [Free T4]18 (9 - 23)pmol/L

Triiodothyronine Free [Free T3]5.2(3.5 - 6.5)pmol/L

Serum Proteins

C Reactive Protein (High Sensitivity)0.2mg/L

hsCRP is considered a valuable risk

stratification measurement in females >60 years

and males >50 years. Values >2.0 mg/L in these

patients warrant further investigation. Refer

to the CCS 2012 guideline for revised hsCRP CVD

risk criteria.

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I think a low GGT is related to a magnesium deficiency. Same thing happened to me although mine dropped to 4. Doctor never even mentioned it! I did some online research and found a brief reference to it possibly being caused by low magnesium. I started using magnesium oil and it came back up into normal range. Your RBC count is the same as mine which I put down to low B12 status. Hope this helps!

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Hello Lady NZ. It's Mary again(Wedgewood) It's such a coincidence that I read that you use magnesium oil too. So so I! I make my own--it's so much cheaper. All I can say about our sitution is :Thank goodness for the internet! We can do our research and also exchange experiences. I was feeling dreadful because I got no help from my doctor--just derision. Now this community has changed everything. There are some wonderful members with fantastic knowledge, who are so generous with their time. 'Bye for now!

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Hello Mary! Can you tell me how you make your magnesium oil? You are so right. Magnesium oil is very expensive to buy.

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Thanks! Does my RBC indicate low B12? Though my actual B12 is very high.


Well put it this way. RBC are dependant upon B12 for renewal and the normal range goes right up to 5.10. I have a friend who has been treated properly for B12 deficiency for years and her RBC count is 5.7. That says a lot to me. Your VB12 count is exactly the same as mine, but I have all the symptoms of a B12 deficiency. Like you, my RBC count is low, but B12 and folate levels are high. Doctors tend to look for enlarged red blood cells when looking for B12 deficiency, but where folate levels are high, this corrects the RBC size. If there is bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, this produces inactive B12 and the serum B12 test does not differentiate between active and inactive B12. Your test result can actually be up to 80 or 90% inactive B12, but doctors seem to rely upon it totally. If you aren't supplementing with B12 at all, you could request a holotranscobalamin test which tests only for active B12. Cheers! :)


So, do you think I've got a functional B12 deficiency? I've been supplementing both folates and B12.


Hmm...That might be hard to determine. What I'm saying is that just because you have high B12 levels, doesn't mean to say that you're not B12 deficient. Do you have physical symptoms that might make you think you're B12 deficient?


Hi LadyNZ!! Yeah, I need to keep up my injections or else symptoms return. Its tough as l had hoped a high level would restore my body and would need less injections as a result. I appreciate your sound advice. :)


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