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what's up now?

what's up now?

Hi again,

I have a question. I was diagnosed with PA in february/march this year.I got my loading doses (once weekly for 6 weeks)then the doctors put me on monthly injections.Long story short I wasn't seeing much improvement until I repeated my loading doses and started injecting weekly(June 2015).At that stage I introduced 5mg of folic acid also. So I was quite happy to see the result below(B12 at over 2000,after starting at 174 in feb)

My question is....what's going on with my serum ferritin?and why does the comment say "iron overload"when my Iron is low?. I have an appointment with a private hematologist on 14th Sept.I will add my previous levels also,as this way only lets me add one picture.

Thanks anyone who can help in any way.

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