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B12 level interpretation


I have just recently posted as Intrinsic Factor-AK antibodies tested a weak positive in a recent blood test. (I am also a registered Coelicac which was discovered when I was a baby.)

However, no B12 and Ferritin tests were taken.

For the past 2 years I have sporadically experienced water sensations on my hands and lower legs and I am now experiencing a burning/ tingling sensations in these areas. I also have a burning sensation along my left cheekbone (the trigeminal nerve). I keep mentioning these to doctors but they take no action. I even mentioned the water sensations to a neurologist who told me he didn't know about that....?!

I also feel fatigued and am also anxious due to the 'unexplained' sensations.

Since last year I have supplemented my B12 so I will need to wait a few weeks before I test. At one point, I took a powder which dissolved in the mouth so I had a very elevated B12 result and my blood was normal. However, when they ran out I changed to tablets as I was unaware of Intrinsic Factor.

Therefore, here are my results from last September:

B12: 607pg/ml (211-911)

Ferritin: 31ng/ml (10-291)

Folsaure: 16.6ng/ml (>5.38)

The following were under the normal range

Haemoglobin: 11.5g/dl (12.0-16.0)

Hematocrit: 34 V%. (36-48)

At the time they were taken, I was feeling very fatigued and experiencing all the symptoms described above.

I would be grateful for an interpretation on these results..

Many thanks :)

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Actually you need to wait a few months without supplementation to check for B12 = at least 3 months.

1% of B12 is absorbed outside the ileum so taking large doses through the gut can and does work for some people, despite absorption problems.

Symptoms of B12D have a huge overlap with other conditions and having one doesn't rule out having two, particularly as autoimmune responses - of which PA is one - tend to come in clusters.

Do you have the folate results from September? normally done if B12 is done.



My folate was as follows:

16.6 ng/ml (>5.38)

Is that ok?


That's a good level - means that low folate won't be interfering with absorption of b12 but if you think B12 is an issue you shouldn't be letting it drop below that - best to get folate from diet so lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.


Many thanks for your replies :)


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