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I was wondering how can I purchase Methyl inject-able in the UK. I initially had a B12 of 35 and had 6 loading doses but which only had minimal effect. I then started Jarrows 5000 methyl sub lingual lozenge. Slowly I started to feel much better. The Gp did a repeat blood test and he was shocked that my B12 had risen to 1500. So he stopped all treatment. Never the less I started to self inject hydroxo but with limited effect. That's why i wish to try Methyl. I would be most grateful if you could give me this information.


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go to

they supply injectable methyl but survive on donations only. They operate on a shoestring, both in terms of money and in manpower so emails take a week or so to be answered, but they are responsible, reliable and if you are on benefits, for instance, then its free. We get ours from there, it arrives with details of its cost (which is very competitive) and we donate accordingly. If you can afford even just an extra £1 then that helps them provide it for those that really can't afford to pay, or can only afford a little. It is a registered charity. If you go to google and tap in 'needle exchange programme' you'll get details of places close to you that supply needles/sharps bins at no cost.

Your GP is as ignorant of the disease as most of them are. The BCSH guidelines (I would recommend you google them, print them off, read them, take them to your Gp and whack him over the head with them) state that you should have jags every other day until no further improvement, but he obviously can't read!

A level of 35 is extremely low, and the level of 1500 is neither here nor there as he wasn't supposed to take another test anyway, thats IN THE GUIDELINES, the ones he can't read!!!

Good luck


Make sure that your folate levels are good - upper half of the range - think about your diet and how much folate rich food it contains in the first place - but you need both folate and B12.

Hope that methyl solves the problem for you.

Your GP obviously knows very little about treating B12 deficiency resulting from malabsorption problems if they withdrew treatment. Unfortunately that isn't particularly uncommon but it is rather frustrating.

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Thank you for replying


Dear i1agn,

Sorry you're not feeling too well.

There are now 3 ways of obtaining Methylcobalamin,for injection, so it's up to you which you choose.

1) Getting it from the charity B12d who are not allowed to charge you. You need to e-mail them. They will send you a supply, and then you have to send them a donation, hopefully more than the cost, so they can let people who cannot afford to pay, have a supply.They are very short of funds.

2) Oxford Biosciences (google them) will supply dried Methylcobalamin, but you will need to get saline to make it up from Bodfeld Apotheke in Germany.

3) Arnika Apotheke in Munich Germany supply Methylcobalamin in ampoulles. Google them and send them an E-mail ,or 'phone them with your order(they speak English) You can pay with Pay-Pal or card.

Hope that this is helpful to you. Very best wishes to you.

P.S. It's easy to get Needles etc, in UK.


Thank you very helpful information


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