Any connection between B12 deficiency and Pityriasis Rosea?

Hi, I've had a rash for around 8 months now. At first I took it for ringworm, although I was mystified as to how I could have picked this up (no children, no pets) and my doc confirmed that's what it looked like. After a few months of treating it with anti-fungal creams it just kept spreading. I mentioned it to my doc again and he said it looked like it might actually be Pityriasis Rosea. After looking it up on Dr Google, it did sound like a better fit, so I stopped using the cream and nothing happened. No better, no worse, so not ringworm after all, I'm guessing.

I had the 'herald patch' on my chest first then large red blotches appeared on my thigh, then my arm. I now have it from my shoulder to my knee, all down the right-hand side of my body. It's very localised to just that area. It is much worse after a shower and does have a slight scaly feel in places. If I scratch it inadvertently, (some patches do itch, others not), the skin comes off alarmingly easily.

However, the most significant thing about this is it's only supposed to last a few weeks. In bad cases it can last five months, maybe six. I have had it for at least 8 months, with no signs of abating. As I have several 'issues' (trigeminal neuralgia, subclinical hypothyroidism, anaemia and neutropenia, plus I am on Carbamazepine, which produces loads of drug-related illness), I have NO idea which one might be causing this. So I'm asking on each of my forums to see if it might go with one of these conditions. I should just mention I have B12 injections once a month, which are being used to control the pain of my trigeminal neuralgia, which they do very effectively, so I have, or have had, some B12 deficiency, although I am not exactly sure why.

I'm not absolutely sure this IS Pityriasis Rosea, of course, and my doc couldn't care less, so if you have something like this, or have had it, I'd be really grateful if you could give me any information on which condition, if any, might be to blame, and if there is anything that could be done to clear it up.

Many thanks!

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  • Chancery - I had a similar thing. It actually started on my hands - looked exactly ;like ringworm, but couldn't be. the GP I saw reckoned it was dernatitis of sorts, treated it with steroids - no effect ad I insisted I went to a specialist.

    Turned out to be Granuloma Annulare. Have a look at pics on google - see if you think there is a similarity.

  • Forgive the grammatical and spelling errors! Brain fog and hands being wayward.

  • Oh, nothing to forgive, believe me. If I posted my comments unedited, they'd look like this: trpiam hant haohna hkahe iijnmm.

    No kidding....

  • hahahaha!!!

  • Thanks for that, Schenks - just going to check it out now!

  • Just had a look. That IS very like it, yes, so another possible candidate, BUT mine's doesn't really quite have that well defined ring on the outside, nor the bumpy texture. Reading the description of the condition, mine's isn't fading that way either. Mine's is fading to a peachy brown before it disappears, plus mine's has a scaly, dryness to the centre.

    So far, I think Pityriasis Rosea is still winning as the most likely culprit, but never say never. I reckon I have a very rare skin condition that has not yet been named. Hey, maybe they'll name it after me!

  • I was told I had had discoid excema (nummular excema) in the past. I don't have it cleared up when I gave up gluten and dairy.

  • Thanks SleepyB, that was very useful. It does, indeed, look like that, quite a bit. That is definitely a good fit and is giving the Rosea diagnosis some competition! I've only had a rough look through the links but I'm going to give it a more thorough search on Google. Can I ask, do you have PA, or a B12 deficiency?

    P.S And thanks for telling me about the gluten and dairy connection you had. Can you remember which one helped cure it, or was it both?

  • I do not have a PA diagnosis but believe it's very likely I have it. I gave up gluten and dairy at the same time so don't know which helped the excema.

  • Ah well, it will have to be trial and error then. Thanks again for the info; it's been very useful. X

  • I have just recently had one on my hip, it had a milky kinda film on it with red rim around that, was sort of round, then it went to a white flaky skin, and finally virtually disapeared. I think i have a lil one on thigh. Not itchy.

    Im sure its not ringworm as it didnt progress.

  • Hi Sharon. Give it time! I had the classic 'herald patch' of Pityriasis and then it went away. There was quite a gap before the next patch appeared, then a little while later another, then another, and they gradually got more and more common, in more places, so you may develop more yet!

    Did you ever get a diagnosis, or was it all over too quick (you hope!)?

  • just looked at Pityriasis Rosea, thats definately it!!

  • Ah, lucky you! Well hopefully it will be a short, sweet visit. It's supposed to only last 6 - 8 weeks, but lots of us seem to have it a WHOLE lot longer. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones. Fingers crossed for you!

  • They arent harmful are they? Just annoying , or am I wrong?

  • No, not that I can tell. No-one seems to know what causes them, although my money is on autoimmunity. I think I've developed mine due to taking Carbamazepine, and it's part of a cluster of Lupus like symptoms the drug has given me.

    I've asked round all my forums and the only two where people had them was in thyroid problems and PA, both autoimmune issues, so I reckon that says a lot.

    For me, I'm taking them as a warning sign - one I didn't need, but hey ho!

  • Hi

    I've get injections every three months. I have had a patch under an arm a couple of times and in the past had scaly redness under where I wore rings sometimes. The fingers I left along and took off the rings. The others I assumed were ringworm and thats how they were treated but no explanation as to how I may have got them.

    Hope you get sorted and will keep an eye on my chest/ back just in case!

  • Hi Serendipity, yeah, sounds as if it may have been ringworm. But it could also be Pityriasis, because the herald patch for that often appears under the arm. Likewise the Discoid Eczema SleepyB mentions up above often seems to be on hands, so you could have either of them! Time may tell.....

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