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Hi Everyone! I have started self injecting and have ordered Hydroxo ampoules from goldpharma and its on its way. I need to know what size needles to get for IM.

Also, I am CONFUSED! Not difficult with brain fog!

I also bought some methyl from Bio Sciences as I had read here of people that had used it and swore by it. When it arrived I had to turn it into a solution for injecting as it is a powder. The piece of paper that came with it said to get saline, and mix with the pwder, and I've read here that it needs saline, but when i went to a chemist and asked the pharmicist if he sold saline he said that saline is NEVER used for injections but industrial grade water IS and that the PAS can't be very good because it would have known that if it were any good, and that Oxford BioSciences are a cosmetics company only, he didn't consider the bottle (still sealed) was sterile and certainly wasn't fit for use in injections. So, come on guys, put me right!

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I have used Oxford Biosciences dehydrated Methylcobalamin,and can recommend it. They usually include an explanetary leaflet telling you that you can buy saline on line from Germany from Bodfeld Apotheke de--- 3.25 Euro for 10x10 ml plus P&P . You can only get it on prescription in U.K. Oxford biosciences is a very good firm. You need have no worries. You can buy ready made Methylcobalamin in ampoules from Arnika apotheke in Munich Germany . 10x 1ml ampoules for 28.50Euros

or 10 x5ml ampoules for 39.80 Euros plus P&P by courier 15 Euros I think.They have English speaking assistants. You have to order by E-mail and pay with PayPal or card. Don't know if the quoted prices are up to date , but they were a few months ago.

Hope this helps. All the best to you.


Your chemist is talking total rot. Saline (Sodium Chloride 0.9%) is essential for intramuscular injection. It's pH value is compatible with the human body so it makes for a smooth confortable injection.

Unfortunately for us It is prescription only as it is an injectable and the UK system doesn't like people injecting themselves. There is a slight exception to this rule for drug addicts using plain water but that's not relevant to this post.

With regards to sterility, although I can not quote specifics in regards to this company's filling and finishing procedures, I can tell you that in many country's mixing yourself is a standard practice. The key is to mix upon exposure to make sure the solution is formed prior to bacteria being able to enter the mix. Of course once mixed you do have a management task to ensure the product remains clean until completely used up.

What I like about this product is that by adding more or less water you can vary the strength of your dose ad so experiment to get the best personal strength. The standard 1mg/3mg pre-mix ampoules aren't right for everyone.

You are left with the inconvenience and expense of shipping in the Sodium Chloride from abroad of course but then only you know if its is worth the time and financial investment.

Hope that helped - good luck :-)


Sorry - missed the needle part of the post.

If you are over 90kg's and injecting into thigh go with a 1.5 inch, if you are under 90kg's go wth 1inch.

Personally I go with a 20 gauge thickness but many people prefer a 23 gauge because it is thinner.


I've just started self injecting, I asked practice nurse for advice and am using 23G x1",0.60x25mm needles with 2.5ml syringe. First one yesterday, went ok tho it did hurt (same as when nurse does it).good luck 😊 glad I made decision, going to do it every 2days like nhs recommend for Neuro symptoms


If it hurts when you inject you might like to review the speed at which you depress the plunger. I inject 2ml volume of fluid regularly and never have any discomfort. The key is to do a nice slow injection. Approx 10-15 seconds per ml. Also I let the muscle rest for a minute or two after the injection to allow the solution time to separate out through the muscle.

Hope that reduces some discomfort for you :-)


Thank you, that's useful to know, being new to all this 😊


From what I understand is that people are going to for methylcolbalamin - 2ml ampules B12 Hervet 21g 1.5" needles to draw B12 from ampules & 30g .5" needle to subcutaneously inject. Syringes from medisave and you also need sterile wipes to clean the area before injecting.

250 - 1000mcg intramuscularly on alt days for 1-2 weeks. Then 250 mcg weekly until normal. Maintenance 1000 mcg every 2-3 months. I found these quantities on their website.

American Society for Clinical Lab Science you can google and ask them questions about injecting and quantities etc. They will come back and answer your questions.

You need to consider supplementing with Potassium and folate whilst injecting B12. Again there is a particular type of folate that may be preferable methylfolate I believe, 2.5mg. Also may need 50mg of vitamin B6.

If you are starting out I believe a loading dose could be daily injections for 1 week, then every other day maintenance reviewing in 3 weeks.

Some other companies mentioned selling Methylcobalamin - Methylcobalamin 1mg 10x1ml ampules for 29.90 euros + shipping. - for Methylcolbalamin etc. & - for needles. is a charity for a donation £28 six months supply. - I came across this you will have to have a look to see if its what you want.

Found one myself - right click to translate to English - search for hydroxocobal acet amp 3x10mg/2ml. This form is not as good as Methylcolbalamin.

I am learning but there needs to be a central information point with all the correct details on self injecting and doses. What websites to use etc. Its all a bit up in the air for my liking.

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Thanks to all the replies, I now know what needles to choose based on my weight. I plan to alternate, daily, between methyl and hydroxo until i feel no further improvement. I am actually using up a small amount a pal gave me, that she was slowing down her use of, whilst we waited for my supplies to arrive. Hers was already mixed and she gets it from i wanted to avoid that because i know their supplies are limited and they try to treat those who cannot afford to buy, and because they are a charity i suspect they are not allowed to make much of a profit. We can afford to buy our own but nevertheless i wanted to save a bit of money so bought it in dry form and was looking out for saline(as wedgewood points out, it is explained on the leaflet) but was silly enough to think i could buy that here. DOH! I'll order it from germany today, and i will order the needles suggested too so i am ready for IM when the hydroxo arrives. I shall also learn mikeg71's answer off by heart and repeat it to the chemist, in a confident and strident voice (probably more likely to be a nervous squeak!) and ask him pointedly, why doctors in this country prefer to use 'water' (his word) when saline would make the injections so much less uncomfortable for their patients.

Onward and Upward!!


I've just been to doctor's surgery for daughters b12 IM jab. I looked carefully at box of needles and she used 23g x 1" Used longer one for drawing up and said "You wouldn't want that in your arm."


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