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Anyone ever heard of Eligen as a replacement for injections?

I typically ignore advertisements on web pages but this one for Eligen caught my attention. It is for oral B12 that allows absorption without intrinsic factor. Uses something called SNAC to transport the B12, but unfortunately incorporates cyanocobalamin. But maybe someday B12 injections will be a thing of the past.

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Sorry I forgot the link:


Personally I'm be a bit sceptical given the doses - means you are basically taking 1-2mg a day and bearing in mind that 1% of B12 is absorbed outside the ileum by passive absorption it might just be the high dose that is having an effect.


Someone told me about it after I'd posted about B 12 on the Altzheimer's site and then deleted - probably found it says in very small letters at the bottom 'for US residents only'.

Would be great not to have to rely on injections or battle with doctors:)


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