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PA and monitoring gastritis

Hi, I have been diagnosed quite recently with PA. I did lots of reading and understand that PA is basically end stage autoimmune atrophic gastritis. Aside from some gut symptoms when I eat bread (I have been tested negative for celiac but have now given up gluten just to see) I havent really had any symptoms. However I have noticed more symptoms recently, acidy feeling after eating, feeling bloated and general stomach discomfort. So my question is, should people with PA be referred to a gastroenterologist, to see how bad the gastritis is? I am wondering whether to ask my GP. I am also conscious of the fact that you have an increased likelihood of gastric cancer with PA, so does anyone out there with PA get monitored for this?

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Hi Chalkygirl ,

Yes it will always be good to see a gastro re PA, as Pa can mean increased risk (only 4 %) of certain stomach/ gastric problems and or can cer etc.

As the risk is small no regular monitoring in UK, some countries do I believe.

Kind regards,



Dear Chalkygirl,

Yes I'm PA also with those tummy problems. My doctor didn't test me for intrinsic factor antibodies, and sent me on my way saying I should make sure that I eat plenty of green leafy vegs,as I was low on B12(yes, she got her B vits muddled!!) So I went privately to Nuffield Hospital to see GP who discovered my PA. But I was left with numb feet(which my GP said was 'Idiopathic' ie no know cause!) .and `I now self inject with Methlycobalamin ,and my feet have improved.

As regards gastric problems, there is a N.I.C.E. publication that states quite plainly that "Pernicious Anaemia is an autoimmune process that involves gastritis, atrophy of all layers of both the body and the fundus of the stomach.

,and loss of normal gastric glands, mucosal architecture andparietal and chief cells.These cause ACHLORHYDRIA(absence of gastric hydrochloric acid) and lack of intrinsic factor" I have shown this to my doctor,who wouldn't react to it at all/

The best thing to have helped me is a water-based probiotic called SYMPROVE -.Because the lack of acid allows bad bacteria to flourish the food ferments rather than digests, causing the bloating and pain and nausea.etc. I also buy RAW sauerkraut unpasteurised and organic which also helps.I have a little every day. I intend to make my own. I also drink Swedish Bitters before I eat. What a blooming caper all this is!!! But I have been feeling so much better since I did all this, and eventually it will become routine. This might help you as well,but as we are all different,one never knows.I wish you all the best,and you will find a way out of your problems if you persist and research. And your friends here are always there for you.


Hi Wedgewood, thanks so much for your lovely reply. So you didnt get an endoscopy after your referral to Nuffield? . I definitely feel the way forward is to heal my gut. Even if I cant 'cure' the PA at least I can halt the deterioration hopefully. I have read about Symprove but I was worried all the good reviews were just hype. Its fairly expensive too I believe. I have thought about going Paleo too and may try that soon. I also order some betaine hcl which is a stomach acidifier, but havent used it regularly enough to see if it really helps. Its such a minefield finding what might work and what doesnt, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed to be honest. I also took the decision to self inject though. I had loading doses about six weeks ago. My doctor wanted me to have a blood test before my next b12 jab so I just had that (pointless if she knew anything about b12 defiency) and it was 1450! The nurse told me I should not have any more injections because a high b12 ' can make you feel really tired'. Doh! The ignorance around this disease is astounding! Thanks for your reply. I will look into Symprove, I am such a sceptic though so it would be good to hear from people who have had an endoscopy and seen how bad their gastritis is, who have then taken symprove and had another endoscopy with proof its better. thanks again and glad to hear you have found something which helps.


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