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Went to gp yesterday, with symptoms of very severe breathing problems, which I have had for ages in past it was put down to COPD which I may have, my problems progressed to extreme tiredness, awful fatigue, can hardly go out due to dizziness, losing balance and the breathing, he checked my blood results and in November of 2014 my numbers were 11.3 had blood done again early this month and it had dropped to 5.1 in just five months, I have to have regular blood tests due to other health issues, I really don't know what to do next as he has left me on ferrous sulphate that I have been on for 2 years due to massive GI bleed from mouth I have liver disease not alchohol induced, so am at a loss as I live alone husband died nearly 2 years ago, and feel really I'll can't even want!k to gp as breathing and weakness prevents it, one person who drives me there is now away, so am at a loss where to go from here. Sorry for long post but it seems gp doing nothing for me, oh yes swelling of left ankle which he puts down to anemic any advice at all I would appreciate. Annette

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  • Hi,

    I am sorry reading your post, I can not help at all, you are having problems with iron anaemia, I know to little about that, can only help with B12 def, sorry.

    Just wanted you to know I read your post, and would like to help if I can, but can not,

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks Marge

    Just reading it helped me, so that's the differance its iron, I wondered why everyone was talking about B12 vaccines, thank you Annette

  • hi,dont you think you should call 111,and get help from them,you should not stay on your own

  • Hi Squady

    I was just thinking of that, think I will give them a call, see what they say, will let you know. Annette

  • Hi

    If that result is your haemoglobin it is very low- go back to your GP. If you have that severe anaemia, tablets won't make much of a difference. Check what the result was for.

  • Hi second chance

    Yes it was Haemoglobin, no wonder I'm exhausted can't do anything, and severe breathlessness, no concentation at all really. Annette

  • Oh my goodness- you poor woman- no wonder you are exhausted! You need to get back to your GP asap. You may need a transfusion if that is what your haemoglobin is! Try calling the out of hours service for advice.

  • How did you get on?

  • Hi second chance

    My doctor phoned me, said he spoke to my gastroenterolgist who I saw earlier this month and totally missed the blood tests, who then looked at them, he said to double up my iron tabs for one week, have another blood test, if still low, then have transfusions, I did go out a bit earlier, was a struggle but took it slow, lovely day today, and I have heating on I'm freezing, my hands are like ice, if I feel any worse I will just go to Hosp. Thanks so much!hope you are doing OK. Annette

  • Thanks, I'm doing ok. It sounds like a transfusion is the way to go. Hope you get sorted. I know people who have had transfusion with haemoglobin of 7-8. They felt much better after it. I'm not surprised you are struggling with a haemoglobin of 5! That is less than half normal. Yes good idea to go to hospital if you have any more symptoms. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi everyone still here with all same symptoms, waiting for urgent apptiontment with gastroenterolgist, had more blood tests done, waiting for results of that, can hardly stay out of bed, this is ridiculous, feet, legs swollen, I asked gp again the other day is it haemoglobin that's low or iron levels he said haemoglobin, also had chest xray done yesterday, when they eventually do something I will let you all know, hope you all are doing as best as you can. Annette !!!

  • Hope you get sorted soon.

  • Thanks second chance so do I am so surprised, my gp does not seem to be doing his job, he is so slow about it all, all tests done now just waiting for results, its the total exhaustion, I'm asleep most of the time, enough of my ravings, hope you are well Annette !!

  • Your only option may be to go to another GP if things aren't moving fast enough. Good luck! Perhaps the results of your next tests will spur things on?

  • Hi, I read your post, and when you mentioned the swelling ankle I immediately got my notes out-- I have mixed connective tissue disease and the docs didn't even believe the blood test results, but I also had a swollen ankle and have had it since 2010. Now the veins are ll lumpy in my legs upcfrom my ankles...pain like you wouldn't believe - well, you would, actually, believe. But for me everything is moving so fast. I have the right pinkie and ring fingers half paralyzed, and am in 4 days have started what they call hand, or muscle, wasting. My low back is extremely severely damaged and they think it may be connected to my rectal prolapse, which, again, the GI doc didn't believe...know its up against the urinary organs and I cannot "go" 5 I have to or not.. Everything is happening at once. This is so long, I'm sorry. But everything in my body seems to be falling apart! Is this happening to ANYONE else-extreme fatigue, can't keep eyes open but can't sleep for the pain...

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