Out of desperation!!

Good morning all, out of desperation I self injected Methycobalamin this morning. I am disappointed with myself because my GP wanted me to go for some tests tomorrow but I just couldn't hold off any longer. I felt really faint and dizzy straight afterwards and had to lie on the floor for a little while, that can't be right. I have never felt that was when I injected with Hydroxycobalamin. I injected into the deltoid muscle, it felt sore going in.

I hope I start to feel better. What is other people experiences when first injecting Methylcobalamin? Did you feel well the same day or did it take a few more injections?

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  • Sorry to read your reaction. I have never injected methylcobalamin so can not comment, but sad you could not wait one day to get blood tests done.

  • Hi, both myself and my husband have injected methyl cobalamin without any reactions or problems, apart from the usual pain!

  • My injections have never been painful. I inject mid thigh.

  • I also inject Methylcobalamin sub-cutaneously into mid outer third of thigh--no pain at all,and no problems. It was no different to using Hydroxo. Did you get yourself a bit worked up about it?

  • I inject Methylcobalamin sub-cut into my stomach, I've never had a problem with it ether.

    Could it be a reaction to the preservative used in the methyl?

  • Hi, thanks for all your comments. I think Wedgewood was right, I got myself a bit worked up about it. I survived and injected again a couple of days later with no problems at all. What a muppet!!

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