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Which B12 spray?

I've been using the "Better You" B12 oral spray, as this was the only one available locally when I looked, but I'm wondering what other people use and whether there are better ones out there.

Mine comes in a 25ml container for £11.99 and 4 sprays gives you 1200ug B12, 40ug Chromium and 0.5mg green tea extract. It'd be good if I could find one that gives a similar or greater amount of B12, but also contains folate (and/or other things that would also help me) so I don't have to take these separately. Any recommendations?

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I used to use that one before I switched to injections. You can buy it on amazon for about £9 last time I looked. I also take a multi vitamin to provide folate etc. not aware of a spray that does everything, sorry


Just to say I recently bought the same from Amazon and there was a note inside to say they can no longer sell through Amazon - something to do with new Amazon policy.


I use nasal drops - which I find much better - from Your Health Basket. You can get either Hydroxo or Methyl, I use a bit of both. They don't contain anything else though.


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