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Hi all , I know many of you on here have to self inject due to poor gp help , but I was wondering how effective you have found spray ? As I have mentioned although I feel fairly great at moment I'm only half way through between loading doses and three monthly jab and know lots of you start to need next jab before it is due so am hoping to arm myself if need arises .

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  • Personally, not sure that it does much for me. I have been using Boost, as a supplement between injections, every other day lately for about a week (since signed off from Haematology) - so perhaps too early to say- but also used it as a top-up before for a while and gave up. Perhaps it has made my hair less witchey........ but not my main concern!

  • Ok thanks for reply. You saying about your hair made me smile 😊 As I don't go a day without a massive spot somewhere on my face now and couldn't give a toss ! You have the hair I have the warts !! But oh for a completely fog free mind !

  • Don't even mind the spots.... except when they are down your ears ! Ever had that ? Nightmare.

    Slow brain , tinnitus, dizziness, inability to concentrate, mood swings, irritability and impatience- these are the things I could really do without.

    People are starting to cross the road...

  • I totally agree about spots in ears ! Had totally forgotten about those . Kept getting a pain like I'd been stabbed in ear and about a week later realised just spots !! 🤡

  • Never get any sympathy for those ones and they are the real worst. Good luck with the supplementing. [Really means that your "maintenance" dose is not maintaining anything!]

  • I find it an expensive alternative to sublinguals. I was often spraying 10-20 times a day, for relief.

  • Did it get you through tough times though?

  • It certainly did, but at a time when I really didn't appreciate how ill I was and couldn't understand why I had to take so much just to get relief. I think that if you need this whilst on loading doses, you might just need to supplement even after loading doses, as I do. In this case your GP might prescribe sublinguals but I doubt it. I therefore suspect you might end up needing this long term so going for the lower cost sublingual might be the best way forward. I took 6000 microgrammes a day in the early days, after loading doses, now down to 2000 a day after 4 months on the higher dose.

  • Thanks so much for your help.

  • The spray did not work for me, nor did sublinguals, though that doesn't mean they won't work for you. What I'm learning is that it takes time to figure out what works for you, and then it may change, and you need to figure out what works now!

  • Thanks, it's good to hear varied opinions so I know to keep options open .

  • I use the b12 boost.

    It seemed to take the edge off for sure when i was feeling really low.

    Again ill echo what people are saying, it seems to be a case of finding what works for you

  • Thanks

  • I find it takes the edge off some symptoms and helps me when I get breathless

    All the best

  • I find nasal sprays really work quite well for me.

    Sublingual spray wasn't really that effective.

  • Thanks will keep all helpful advice in mind and prepare just in case .

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