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Hair loss

Following my previous post, and the helpful responses from people on the site, I had a full blood test done by my GP and results were "within the normal range". However, since I am experiencing real hair loss (coming out in clumps) I booked a private appointment with a trichologist. She has prescribed me a range of vitamins and minerals and also ferrous fumate tablets as she said my level of 60 was too low for renewing hair growth. The tablets are 210mg twice a day on an empty stomach.

She said I had acute telogen effluvium (acute hair loss!) due to the fact that after a very severe bout of the 'flu at Christmas my body had just concentrated on fighting the illness and had depleted all the rest of any stored resources. She has also asked me to get a Vitamin D test and also bath in Epsom salts daily.

I'm finding the iron tablets quite hard to tolerate and wondered if any one on here has experienced something similar and whether anyone could tell me if this dosage seems OK?

I have eight weekly injections and prescribed tablets twice a day for B12 deficiency and also have to take prescribed ADcal (calcium +D3 1000mg) daily.

I know very little about blood levels, so would appreciate any advice. Unfortunately, my doctor, who is very sympathetic and helpful, has gone off on sick leave for some time, and I shall have to see a locum who I don't know and I want to be informed before seeing her!


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Post your results for some help here.


Sorry new to all this - would you like me to type the results out for you?


Hi yes if you have the actual figures. A lot of people post their results for help here as the reference range is not necessarily the optimum range and some people here are good at advising what to aim for. I have found it very useful myself.


Just wondered if you'd tried blue green algae - strengthens the immune system and has many benefits, as well as a source of easily absorbed nutrients, including iron.


Thanks for the response - I've never heard of this. Is it easily bought?


Most health food stores, on line, as well as Amazon sell it.

I can't remember whether some people, like iodine, find it contra indicated for thyroid problems but, I take it (have Hashimoto's) feeling the benefits far outweigh anything else.

Just a note: the B12 in blue green algae is, of course, not the animal source as in B12 supplements - you would still need these.


Thanks for this; I'll look out for it. I'm vegetarian so it seems like this would be good.


i was just wondering since it has been a while have you had any success in your hair stop falling out or hair growth since i am in the same boat.....


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