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Hair loss

I'm lucky and have a very good GP. I have 8 weekly injections and thrice daily tablet supplements. However, I was very ill in January with the 'flu and was in bed for the whole month.

Now my hair is coming out in clumps and my doctor has asked for blood tests for thyroid and iron deficiency.

I would be very grateful for any information regarding supplements that I could take to improve the quality of my hair and help with regrowth. I've bought shampoos that are supposed to thicken and improve the hair but basically all of it looks limp and lifeless.

My nails are also quite bad, splitting down the ridges.

It is really stressful to think that I may end up bald!

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I am no expert, but hopefully the blood test results may reveal why, thyroid conditions can cause hair loss and iron def can cause sad hair and nails, so see what the results are. Many B vitamins are good for hair U believe, perhaps this link may help you see:


Thanks Marre, for your quick response and the information. I've got no understanding of the medical reasons for hair loss but I did read that a severe illness, such as flu, can cause hair loss later on, and that it is temporary because the illness forces hair growth into the "sleeping phase".

I've got the blood tests today (as I said my GP is most helpful) and will have an appointment with her next week to discuss the results.

I know that there are close links between B12 and thyroid problems and that both are notoriously difficult to diagnose, so I will not be surprised if the iron/thyroid tests come back as "fine".

Someone has suggested Silica Complex tablets - do you know if these would be of any use?


I do not know, I know my Mum who has very thin hair and lots fall out finds a multi B vitamin helps, that is all I know, sorry , Marre.

PS some one suggest biotin in this post see:


Marre has suggested Biotin. I've been taking this and it has thickened my hair and given a good shine - good for nails too.


Thanks for the response. Have you heard of Silica complex? Someone else has told me that they had good results with these tablets.


Sorry, I haven't tried it. Only homeopathic silica (sand).

I imagine biotin might be a better choice, being a b vitamin.


I'm going to get Floradix today which is a vegetarian iron supplement and start that as I had the blood tests yesterday and one of those is for iron deficiency. It can't do any harm anyway.

I'll look out for the biotin as well.



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