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Can't gain weight getting concerned

Hi all, I seem to keep slowly losing weight and have gotten quite thin. Think I have have malabsorption, my stools are very yellow and seems like food goes right through me. I live in the US, Am 5'10" and down to 135 lbs. from my normal 150. My doctor put me on a no gluten, no grains diet and when I've tried white rice it makes my tummy hurt. Meals with a lot of fat give me diarrhea.

Should I be worried (I am). I have an endo and colonoscopy in a couple of weeks. Suggestions for foods to eat to help me gain weight that won't hurt my stomach much appreciated.

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Forgot to mention I've already been tested for H pylori (a month ago), parasites, Lyme disease, Giardiasis. All tests negative so far.


Lack of pancreatic enzymes. Lipase is the one which converts fats.

I've got hiccups.

I thought only babies and puppies got hiccups...

Not a major issue, just thought I'd mention it as I sit here hiccuping.


Hi Tracy,

Good you are seeing a gastro and am sure they will do biopsies etc that will all help exclude other issues. I have same type of problem and after colo/endoscopy have been diagnosed with abnormal terminal ileum and bile salt mal absorption. Have now been given stuff that helps, but has side effects, and my weight is staying stable now.

Perhaps read this see:

I'm not saying your problem is the same, and hope for you a reason is found and treatment given. Good luck with the endo and colonoscopy ! Its the prep in advance that is worse than the "double dip" procedure, that is over and done with in 20 mins!

Kind regards,



Thanks so much everyone for your responses. Marre, I emailed my GI doc with a link to that article.


See how it goes then after your procedure, hopefully you will end up with a diagnosis and treatment that will work for you, fingers crossed!


Hi Tracy, I assume you've had an ultrasound for gallstones? Gallstones can cause fat malabsorption so fat just goes straight through. The yellow poop might indicate a bile/cholesterol problem too, although I'm not sure how that would work! But yes, fat malabsorption will cause pale, floating stools. Had this for years myself and blamed it on PPIs - more fool me! I ended up losing my gallbladder because we were treating the wrong thing. I also ended up with a B12 deficiency and Trigeminal Neuralgia, so yes, I would heartily recommend checking any malabsorption issues to the hilt!

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