B12 injections and weight gain

We'll have came to the conclusion there is defo a link between the injections and weight gain with me! On my final loading dose today and am up 4lb since the start! Am wondering if it will level out as after today it's 3 monthly! Has anyone noticed this themselves? I had to stop the cyano as I was bloated all over and lost 1 stone after stopping the monthly injections

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  • I know that for me weight gain goes hand in hand with a large dose of pregaberlin (for neuropathic pain). first gp said 'you are eating too much wheat' but the second one has agreed with me. phew!

  • When I was deep in the throes of PA I did lose some weight. But that was down to two factors - my GI problems and the fact that I was too knackered a lot of the time to actually make something to eat. Evening meals were OK, but I often skipped lunch.

    As soon as my GI problems were OK and I got my energy back then the weight started going back on. Then I was told I had type 2 diabetes (I later found out it was LADA - Type 1.5) and decided it was time for some lifestyle adjustment. I started eating a lot better and swimming three times a week. I'm now 10 kg lighter.

    The diabetic nurse suggested a book called 'Wheat Belly'. What a load of tommyrot and poppycock. He reckons wheat is bad for you because it produces sulfuric acid (the stuff that dissolves statues) in the body!

  • Hi Fiona 1039. The Mayo clinic website lists rapid weight gain as a side effect of B12 injections (can't remember which cobalamin it was but its perhaps relevant to all of them).

    The methylcobalamin patient information leaflet also list weight gain as a possible side effect.

    However, having lost two stone recently, anything at increases my weight at the moment is welcome...but once the gastric problems resolve, I bet I'll regret saying that!! 😀. The gain has started!

    Would love to understand what it is that causes the weight gain...now if we could only reverse engineer that process...well, fbirder could have his lab in the blink of an eye!

    Take care x

  • Mine has been the same for over three years now. Only fluctuates by about four lbs. been on injections for a year now.

    Yet it has been said 'celebrities' use it for weight loss.

  • I lost about a stone in the 6 months leading up to my pernicious anaemia diagnosis but as soon as I started loading injections it started going back up again.

  • I lost over 30 pounds after I started having gastrointestinal issues, doc said IBS; I'm thinking now it was maybe PA and/or celiac, neither of which I was tested for. Regardless, like fbirder, once my GI issues got better, I gained all the weight back. Have not noticed any additional weight gain since being on methyl injections for a year now. But no weight loss, either!

  • Hi, I have found the opposite, weight loss, my appetite picks up after my injection but levels out.

  • Wish I could have that issue would be better! Hoping that now I have had my last loading dose it will even out and now it's 3 monthly surely the weight gain shouldn't be so bad!! Surely it can only be fluid ??

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