Pregnancy & B12

Hello, sorry for following up my introduction with another post immediately (looking needy, anyone?), but I have some pretty specific questions.

I'm hoping for another pregnancy (I have one 18mo daughter), we'd like to start trying to conceive this spring. I have a b12 deficiency, for which I get an injection on a monthly basis.

Is there anything I should keep in mind? I'm planning to start folic acid next month. Should I look for a specific kind? Will this affect my b12-levels? How about prenatal vitamins? Should I discuss getting extra injections with my GP? Are there any other concerns?

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  • I'd first get further investigation done (as in my reply to you in your other post) before you start supplementing to not skewer results...

  • Best form of folic acid is from food - plenty of green veg. It won't have a bad effect on your B12 - as you need it metabolise and use B12.

    I'm not an expert on B12 and pregnancy. You might find it useful to get hold of a copy of 'Could it Be B12?' by Sally Pacholok - has a couple of chapters on B12 and infancy and some discussions around B12 and pregnancy. Think there is also some information on this sight - which is the charity that is funded from the proceeds of the group - based in US but ...

  • I have recently read, and this may have been a link on the Thyroid site, that folic acid has been found during recent research to have little, if any, good effect for pregnancy. I am unable to quote the research directly as I did not bookmark the link.

    I am aware that it has been given to pre-pregnant parents, both mother and father, as it was believed to help prevent neural tube defects. I, myself have a son with Spina Bifida so I found this article rather interesting. I am sure, if you do a search you will find more info.

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