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Pregnancy & B12

Hello, sorry for following up my introduction with another post immediately (looking needy, anyone?), but I have some pretty specific questions.

I'm hoping for another pregnancy (I have one 18mo daughter), we'd like to start trying to conceive this spring. I have a b12 deficiency, for which I get an injection on a monthly basis.

Is there anything I should keep in mind? I'm planning to start folic acid next month. Should I look for a specific kind? Will this affect my b12-levels? How about prenatal vitamins? Should I discuss getting extra injections with my GP? Are there any other concerns?

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I'd first get further investigation done (as in my reply to you in your other post) before you start supplementing to not skewer results...


Best form of folic acid is from food - plenty of green veg. It won't have a bad effect on your B12 - as you need it metabolise and use B12.

I'm not an expert on B12 and pregnancy. You might find it useful to get hold of a copy of 'Could it Be B12?' by Sally Pacholok - has a couple of chapters on B12 and infancy and some discussions around B12 and pregnancy. Think there is also some information on this sight - which is the charity that is funded from the proceeds of the group - based in US but ...


I have recently read, and this may have been a link on the Thyroid site, that folic acid has been found during recent research to have little, if any, good effect for pregnancy. I am unable to quote the research directly as I did not bookmark the link.

I am aware that it has been given to pre-pregnant parents, both mother and father, as it was believed to help prevent neural tube defects. I, myself have a son with Spina Bifida so I found this article rather interesting. I am sure, if you do a search you will find more info.


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