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Hello everybody

My pain Dr. recently prescribed me a Mirapexf ( pramipexole) .18 mg as a pain reliever, for my peripheral neuropathy ( feet pain ) and guess what ?

The first pill which I took 2 hrs before bed time, just knocked me out and I could not sleep for 48 hrs, I didn't take a second pill, since Mirapex is known to treat RLS and to relieving neuropathic pain, I would like to read your side of viewpoint about this what is a real pain reliever you could suggest for me, Thanks

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Sorry to hear you are suffering.

Depending on what the pain is and how I feel I've used: Triptans (migraines), cold compresses (feet and potentially headaches), asprin, paracetamol, cocodamol, tramadol (occasionally mainly for headaches and when triptans don't work - which occasionally they don't).

For back-pain I'd go for a run (seems to settle the joints)

For neck pain I'd probably use Alexander technique - flat on back (head supported on book to make sure it is stretched. Feet flat on floor but knees bent and together - feet a bit apart and just rest there for 20 minutes - have also used that for backpain.

Occasionally I'll use mediation - just enables me to put the pain on one-side.

For stiffness in ankle joints or stabbing pains in feet I'd probably take B12 (nasal spray) as for me that is one sign that my B12 levels are slipping.

I also use sleep which is a bit ironic.

Like tramadol but as it's morphine based it does tend to make me very sleeping - as would codeine on its own (though co-codomol doesn't have that effect).

Suspect you've probably tried a lot more painkillers than I have, but do hope you find something that works for you.

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All the best for 2015 and hope that you find a way of dealing with/living with the pain. Unfortunately we all seem to be just as individual when it comes to pain medications as we are when it comes to B12 treatments. Think the trick is probably to have a range of solutions so if one doesn't work then you can move on to the next.


I have nerve pain from b12 d as well. My md prescribed me neurontin. It appears to be working. My mom has fibromyalgia and is on lyrics for that. It works for her, but has much more side effects than the Neurontin. I suffered similar side effects when I started. My dr. Started me on a very low dose (100) and then slowly bumped me up to 300. Perfect way to deal with the issues. No side effects at att, and the fatigue it causes is gone as well. I hope you find the right med and feel better soon.


Gabapentin works great


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