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Hi from old member with an update

Hi everyone, finally managed to get my head around posting here. A lot has happened since I last updated so long ago now. My father passed away which is why I all but disappeared off the face of the internet until recently.

Health wise a lot has happened, I am being moved onto injectable meds for my diabetes, although not insulin as yet, the docs are hopeful that this medication can work more effectively than pills, have my appointment tomorrow to learn how to self inject, so my plan is to buy some hydroxy online and self inject the b12 as well as I am totally fed up arguing with my gp trying to convince them that I am not functioning properly on one injection every 3 months. So I am going to try monthly injections to start with and see how I feel.

As for the RA I have been properly diagnosed as definatly having it after seeking a second opinion, consultant sent me for MRI scans and now has me back on methotrexate. Also had the occupational therapist out to my house and have just had a stairlift fitted due to my hips being so painful all the time, that condition I am still trying to get a proper diagnosis on, was re referred to a very arrogant and rude consultant who basically said to me I was too fat to get a proper picture from an X-ray so he sent me for an MRI scan on my. Back and pelvis, not bothered about my hip as he says I'm just too fat so I'm putting too much pressure on the joint, livid doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this, but trying to get gp to agree to sending me for a second opinion. Although it has been discovered that there is some severe wear and tear on the discs at the base of my spine but the only recommended treatment is to lose weight *sigh* I've actually lost 2 and a half stone in the past couple of months and the pain is getting worse. Last X-ray I had 3 years ago, I was a lot bigger than I am now and the consultant at that time diagnosed me with hip impingement and said I would eventually need a hip replacement. So I'm still fighting for that to happen.

All in all I am feeling much more positive about things and am taking steps to change what needs to be changed, so I do need a little advice about self injecting but I will post separately about that..



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