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Shoulder and neck pain - related to PA?

Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anybody else knew if shoulder/neck stiffness and pain was connected to b12 deficiency/PA? For the past week, I have been experiencing this, especially in the morning when I wake up and find it hard to actually move or sit up!!

My GP is currently allowing me to have my injections for b12 monthly and this seems to be helping with the tiredness, confusion, memory problems etc, but this is a new problem I am now dealing with.

Many thanks.


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My very first 'big' symptom was that I couldn't raise my head to get out of bed. The pain was in my neck and it was like my neck wasn't strong enough to lift my head.

No one has ever looked into it.



I am so pleased I am not the only one. I have same problem. I have been swapping and trying new pillows for weeks now. Thought that was the cause of it but now realise it's yet another symptom. My neck also cracks/pops whenever I look down its horrendous. I was just about to order another new pillow you have saved me some money xxx

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I get the cracking in the neck, too. It's really jarring when it happens, so I think I've ended up teaching myself to move in a way that minimizes the "crack".

I also get some pretty decent pain in my shoulder blades after a couple hours of housework. That's when I know it's quittin time.


Hi Hayley... I know your post is a year old so I don't know if you'll see this, but I'm wondering if you ever found out any cause for or relief from your stiff neck/shoulder problem. I'm having the same issues after being on B12 shots for several months now. Those symptoms weren't part of my initial problem and like you I'm feeling a bit better as far as my energy levels and confusion issues.

Like Poppet11, I feel like my neck isn't strong enough to pick my head up. It's very painful to try to move in the morning. And like lal2502, I have the loud crunching and popping in my neck when I bend my head forward - very bad in the AM and gets less so as the morning goes along. It's very painful to turn my head side to side or to bend it toward either shoulder.

I was diagnosed with B12 in the low 70's and after three months of weekly shots it was up to 703. I'm injecting every two weeks at this point and hoping to stretch that out as time goes on.

Hope you're feeling better! Any info about your experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...



Gosh, yes! My fatigue is often combined with pains in my neck and shoulder.

I was supposed to be visiting my mother today. It's an 80 mile drive, but halfway there I started getting the first pains between my shoulder blades. So I stopped for coffees and rest and headed home.

I've now got pains down the back of my neck, across the top of my back and down the rear of my upper arms. I'm also feeling totally drained.

I don't think it's a muscular thing as I suffered the same a couple of weekends ago just wandering around the shops in Brighton for a couple of hours. I'm told by a friend that my symptoms are very similar to when she had fibromyalgia.

I've got a neurologist appointment in four weeks, so I'll see what he says about it.


So glad to see this post as I am currently experiencing something similar. Is everyone still alright? Did your neck pain ever go away, and if so how long did it take?

Thanks in advance for any response.


I m also face neck pain ... How u now?


Hello again ... I have actually noticed an improvement in the neck and shoulder pain as I have been visiting a chiropractor. I have definitely noticed an improvement in general stiffness, aches etc from having adjustments on my spine and neck. I have also started taking vitamin d tablets as heard these help with aches.

I still get very tired when my injection, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, together with the multitude of other symptoms we all know, poor memory, sore tongue. After a year long battle with my gp (who thankfully has now been changed), it has been decided I can continue with my 4 weekly injections for the time being.

Are you currently trying anything to help with shoulder/neck pain?


u feel ..thts very good.. R u have P.A? And neck pain becz of b12 low? Sry fr my poor english.. I m suffering from neck pain since 1½ years ago..i m vry hopless.. Plz support.


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