Chest pain/shoulder pain

Hello all! I was wondering if its common to have chest pain (stiff soreness) and shoulder blade pain/soreness with low b12. My b12 level was 197. I had 18 daily injections (then off for 8 days) I've had two injections this week. I've kept ontop of my potassium it was 4.8 when checked last week. I do take folic acid 5mg/spatone iron/magnesium glycinate 400mg 4 after my lunch/bcomplex 50mg / omega 3's 2 after meal and propranlol 10mg 2 a day for rapid heartbeat / pulse sensation

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  • hello

    i have recently been diagnosed with pernicious anaemia and like you have had sharp pain in shoulder blades and tight ache across chest and shoulder. round sides near ribs too. i have had loads of physio and it gets no better and disturbs my sleep as i can't get comfortable. the doctors say it may be todo with deficiency as its making it harder to get enough oxygen. have had two weeks of every other day injections and now on once a week. will let you know if it gets better! good luck and id be interested to hear if anyone else has this too!?

  • I get awful shoulder pain. I self inject when it happens

  • I also get shoulder pain, chest pain, and pain under the bottom of both sides of ribs, back and front. A gasteroenteroligist has just diagnosed intercostal neuralgia, which 'fits' with the B12 deficiency / PA picture. I had been on a low dose of amitriptyline for nerve pain but this had now been changed to gabapentin. Only recently started, so I'm waiting to see if this will do any good. Hope you manage to get the pain under control. Not much fun, is it!

  • Watch out with the Gabepentin i was on it prior being diagnosis with b12 anemia and i was taken off it by my neuro because apparently it can deplete b12 levels.

  • Thanks for the warning. I'm seeing a neurologist in June so I'll run it by him.

  • No problem. I'm in a free b12 deficiency groups on facebook and a few said they were on it and i read it can deplete folate and it can cause depression and suicidal ideation. I know i took it before i knew i thought it helped but now i don't really think it did :/

  • My neuro also had me on amtriptilyine. I stopped taking it once i figured it was an antidepressant. I told him that wasnt my issue. My issue is i feel like im dying which can make me feel depressed.

  • My neuro also had me on amitriptyline. I stopped taking it once i figured it was an antidepressant.

    The dose used for pain relief (10-25 mg) is lower than the dose used to treat depression (normally around 75 mg). You were being prescribed it for pain relief, not to treat depression. I'm surprised the doc didn't tell you.

    It's like the gabapentin I take. It's an anticonvulsant, for epileptics. I don't have epilepsy, but I still take it.

  • My doctor told me it was for depression not pain. No one has prescribed me anything for pain :( i still have both prescriptions. I've read bad things about neurotin so ill stay away from that (for my minds sake)

  • Watch out with the Gabapentin i was on it prior being diagnosis with b12 anemia and i was taken off it by my neuro because apparently it can deplete b12 levels.

    Apparently it affects absorption, so it should make little difference if you're on injections. I've certainly not noticed any increase in my need for jabs since I started it.

  • How often are you on jabs i do every other day and im still miserable

  • I'm on one per week, which is fine if I don't overdo it. On Friday I spent a night in Brighton with my work colleagues from before I retired 8 years ago. I was fine on the night but the next two days I was like a zombie.

  • thats it exactly, under the ribs back and front too!

  • Yes, me too, and ribs at side of chest. This improved with B12 but more with thyroid supplement (dessicated pig thyroid). Prior to that it had lasted for about 20 years.

  • Wow thats a really long time! My thyroid tsh was .9 but since injecting it has raised to 1.5 so i'm not sure if a doctor would put me on that. Do you have hyper or hypo thyroid?

  • Hypo. And I can see that the clear signs were there from age 38 when the skin around my eyes started swelling and I became disturbed about my appearance. At the same time I developed acute tenosynovitis related to a keyboarding job I had. It was a really bad tenosynovitis. I needed occupational therapy and I won a modest court settlement because I was unable to play piano or keyboard reliably for a living. I managed this subsequently roving pain by going back to nursing (which I had educated myself away from) and spending a lot of money on deep massage, which was helpful. I was able to keyboard again after years of careful management (I became a writer) and this management included chiropractic. Both deep massage and chiropractic seemed to keep me mostly viable. It was keyboarding too many hours a day that had kicked off the problem, but the problem, I believe, was underpinned by thyroid problems. I spent some years dealing with my eye-swelling using diuretics but the side effects became too difficult to put up with (I used to feel weak and strung out) and long term use is dangerous. Eventually the swelling problem moved to my knees, one of which suddenly popped out of its socket whilst I was attempting my first game of tennis in several decades. Subsequently both knees became unstable, although I was able to shove them back into line and shore up my walking by wearing elastic bandages round the knees. This was the time I found out about B12 (my partner was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia and both my parents!) I started taking B12 and my knees greatly improved, however it was not until I figured out that, like my mother and my partner, I had a thyroid problem, and was treated with dessicated pork thyroid, that my knees have gone back almost to normal. I say, 'almost' because I am still afraid to try tennis without wearing bandages, however I did play two days ago (first time in months) and seemed able to run normally and had no movement in the knees. I was also able to carry heavy loads up and down a steep flight of stairs for several days in succession when we had to clear a hoard out of a basement. I had no problems except for a period when I had been dispensed accidentally by a pharmacist a half grain instead of a full grain, at which period my knees immediately began to ache and my face to swell. When I figured out what had happened, everything worked again. I look back at those first visits to a doctor when I was in my late thirties, first with eye-swelling and then with acute tenosynovitis (aka cervico-brachial injury/tendonitis etc) and I ponder on the utter inadequacy of modern medicine in so many important areas.

  • Forgot to say that I was diagnosed with the test that looks at all your thyroid hormones and was found to be borderline in T4 and T3 (from memory). TSH was a little high. Now it is .0something.

  • I have that too. It's in my hands, feet and knee. It's torture but magnesium, whole food vitamin c and b12 injections are slowly helping. It's been two years. I really hope it fully heals. You have given me hope! I think deficiencies caused my tendon issues. How many years did it take for your hands to heal?

  • Before I was diagnosed with P.A. I had had awful shoulder pain which was diagnosed as frozen shoulder or IDEOPATHIC (They don't know!) I had physiotherapy for a few months to no avail. Also ibuprofen After the loading doses of Hydroxocobalamin(5 here in Gloucestershire) the shoulder rapidly recovered. I have since read it is a common therapy for BURSITIS among ecological doctors in the U.S.A. Where it is over 90% effective.

  • I've heard magnesium is amazing for frozen shoulder too. Morley Robbins who has written a book on magnesium cured his this way.

  • I'm currently on magnesium and doing espom soaks as well but it hasn't helped a otn.

  • Magnesium never helped me, but B12 and dessicated thyroid gland did.

  • I understand. Everyone is different. I'm on a very high dose but that's under the care of my doctor.

  • Of magnesium?

  • Yes but I'm way over the recommended daily dose. It's the spray I use. To be honest the RDA did nothing for me. I needed high dose. My doctor told me how much I could take. A private blood test showed I was low. I'd get the magnesium rbc test as opposed to the mag serum one. I've heard its more accurate 👍

    ps high dose has helped my pain and anxiety.

  • Have you tried the magnesium powder? If you take calcium as well, it should be at the rate of 1.5 C to 1 M.

  • No and i dont take calcium. Im on bcomplex,magnesium glycinate,omega 3, folic acid 5mg, spatone iron+vit c , propranlol 10mg

  • Hi Miramoore1, I think you should check this with the doctor. I do get pains all over and particularly my left shoulder where I have arthritis but I have also had PA for many years and I don't get chest pains in relation to this. Doesn't mean others like yourself wouldn't of course. If the doctor checks your chest and it seems ok there could be other causes - I have gallstones - they can hurt your upper back and chest. Also you could get doctor to check your vit D - I have low vit D and was put on D-CAL for a while. It really improved my muscle and joint pains but then the D-CAL made me ill so I had to stop it.

    I hope you get it sorted. Try not to worry as that can make the symptoms much worse as well. I know its hard though because we only have one body don't we (thank god) :)

  • I've had a few chest xrays which i was told looked normal. I had a pipada scan on my gallbladder two years ago when they found out i had gastritis and it was normal as well. My doctor did however do the wrong vit d test so i'm not 100% sure on that level yet.

  • Just read the other replies and wanted to add that I do get painful spasms in my lower ribs as well.

  • Apparently, mineral deficiencies or minerals not being in the right balance can cause cramps/spasms. I take ionic minerals (40,000 volts), high dose magnesium chloride spray, daily b12 injections and half a teaspoon of celtic sea salts in water daily. I have a functional doctor prescribing and monitoring me though. I would advise this just incase you can't tolerate that much salt etc. For example, if you have heart problems or high blood pressure then that might not be advisable. I've also heard from my functional doctor that food allergies can cause some of these symptoms too. Of course you should always get proper checks with your G.p just incase it's something else.

  • Thank you all for the comments. I had an injection today and im not having any shoulder pain at the moment still having chest tightness. Or i guess gasping for air feeling. I do plan to see if my gp will send me to a cardiologist and a lung specialist just to rule everything out there. I've had alot of scans and test ran to check my gallbladder and chest xrays done. So it could just be the b12 :/ but i'm not 100% sure. I have suffered from shoulder pain like this since i was 17 and i'm currently 25.

  • If you are short of breath this is accepted as a symptom of B12 Deficiency. After eliminating all the big ones, see if you can try for very (weekly?) regular injections until all the symptoms (keep a journal) have subsided. You might be very amazed. I was.

    Good luck.

  • I was doing daily but my potassium dropped. It went back up after 5 days and I'm making sure i intake 6mg a day through food and drink

  • I've recently been told I have neuralgia as well as b12 deficient and been put on Naproxen having bad headache at the moment started Fri and still have it.

  • I have noticed my headaches subside with b12 injectd that are frequent.

  • I self injected last night as couldn't stand the headache any longer. I didn't know if it would make any difference or not but thought what have I got to loose. This morning after a rare good night's sleep I'm headache free.

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