Just back from my second haematology appt. Had to see a different consultant as previous one was off. The consultant was pleased that injections seemed to be making a little difference for all said would take time to know full effect. He mentioned neurology still and asked if i had heard anything. It turns out that they wrote to doc to refer me and doc not done so still have to wait months. We discussed my ferritin levels which he said are now 27. He said no need to supplement iron as within range. Good iob I know better tho eh after speaking to u lovely lot!

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  • Are you going to chase up your doctor to find out if they have made a neuro referral yet?

  • Hi poppet yeah I'm getting in touch tomorrow. It will be another few months I'm sure before seen

  • I know I read there is a shortage of neurologists in the UK. Maybe some members should consider training up!

  • We all should lol.

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