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Does anyone out there have numb patches of skin? I am B12 deficient and also hypothyroid along with coronary heart disease issues. Recently I've developed a numb patch on my leg and I think am developing another one. I also have a peculiar sensation sometimes on my feet which feels like a spider crawling over them. I feel tired most of the time but am on 3 monthly B12 injections which the doctor says should make me feel well. I am debating whether to supplement with sublingual spray with the hope that I might feel better. However, if I do and then have to have a blood test to check B12 levels, they might be so high that the doc will stop my injections so I am in a bit of a quandary. Can anyone advise?

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Hi Carrot1 ,

I used to get weird patches on my leg/feet, as if it was wet and or prickly or weirdly cold, but it has mostly gone now with more frequent B12, and folate. Do you get serum B12 and folate/ ferritin tested regularly at your Surgery now you are on treatment? Best bet is to first go and speak to your GP and tell him/her about your symptoms and see if you may get more frequent B12 injections and if your folate has been tested recently as B12 needs folate and visa versa with other vits/mins for good blood production. You can then try adding more B12 (with a mukty vit) to see if that helps you if you get no where with your GP. If that then increases your serum B12 and you feel better then you know what may work for you, but its also possible it does nothing for you, so you can but try and see. Learning to self inject is the best way forward.

I hope this helps,

Kind regards,



Hi Carrot,

Glad I can talk about this here...thanks for posting. Please bear with me, as if I talked about these issues anywhere but here, people would most likely consider me a bit nutty.

I occasionally have the feeling that there is a piece of Scotch Tape stuck to the bottom of my right foot! The first time I felt it I was amazed to find nothing there, so sure was I of the tape feeling. (I've actually stepped on tape before, when wrapping presents, etc.)

The other odd thing just started few weeks ago, and might be my interpretation of the crawling spider you describe. I have two kitties who shed on many things, including me. So when I first felt the vague, light-breezy sensation on my left arm I brushed my arm with my fingers to get rid of what I thought was a hair. Nothing there, and could still feel sensation. Lasted less than a minute, but has returned three or four times in same place.

And...I have a rectangular area on left thigh that is so distinct I could probably measure it off, but estimate that it's about 3/4 x 1 inch. It's not numb but the surface texture of the skin is different than anywhere else on my body, feels almost like it has been grated, but is not painful. First noticed it maybe six months ago while putting moisturizer on legs.

The Scoth tape feeling began about the same time I started having sharp burning, shooting pain in my toes, and on bottom of feet just below toes. Also had similar pains in random areas of fingers. This was before I was diagnosed B-12 deficient, and when I was very fatigued, legs weak, stumbing around with balance problems. Also problems concentrating, fuzzy brain, etc. (The thigh area may be totally unrelated to B-12 def. but can't figure it out.)

Been on cyanocobalanin injections (I'm in the U.S.) since first diagnosed in March of this year; started weekly times two months, then monthly accompanied by daily B-12 by mouth.

B-12 results March 17: <146; Aug 26: 1,744. (Lab normals 200-910) Of interest, I had one other B-12 test done, in 2007, at same lab and result was 256. I was symptomatic at the time but mainly fatigue, very low blood pressure.

My balance problems became better about two weeks after first injection. The brain fog began clearing about that time, and then I finally started having more energy. (I also have two respiratory conditions, nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) lung infection and bronchiectasis. It's hard to sort out what causes what, as bronchiectasis particularly can cause profound fatigue.) Even with that going on I felt very grateful to have the boost given by B-12. I know most folks with our deficiency will relate to this: Before starting B-12 I sometimes was so tired and weak that I couldn't hold up a book! I love to read and am glad that is no longer the case.

I've rambled and want to thank you all for providing such great information and kind support. Leilani


Hi there, I have also noticed numb patches, mainly on one leg and foot. The numbness is mostly around the calf muscle. I have found that going for a massage is really helpful. I'm only getting three monthly injections at the moment, but the nurse at my GP practice is also low on B12, and has suggested I go back for another blood test after two months. I have pain under that left foot too, and some mornings I am really hobbling across to the bathroom! MariLiz


My left foot used to feel as though cold water was trickling over it when I was deficient. It's one of a number of problems that have gone away since I gave up on the doctors and took control of my treatment. When I mentioned it to my GP he looked at me as if I was bonkers but I think the neurological damage caused by B12 deficiency can cause all manner of unusual symptoms.


I have numb patches on my legs but had operations about 14 years ago that I believe caused permanent nerve damage - would like to get this checked in case it is b12 and reversible but not sure how to go about it.


I am not sure if nerve damage due to b12 deficiency is reversible but other members will no doubt tell you. I guess your GP could check it for you?


I also have Raynauds


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