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Had a number of B12 tests, should I take B12/supplements now, or get active b12 test?

Hi everyone. Over the last few months I’ve put a few posts on here about my concerns about having low B12. My test results are as follows:

Serum B12: 182 ng/l (180-1000) and a few weeks later 202 ng/l

Homocysteine: 9.9 mmol/l

MMA: 0.25 umol/l

Serum folate: 5ug/l

Vitamin D: 44.5 nmol/L (it had dropped to 34.5, but have been now taking 6,000IU a day, so I think it’s increasing)

Anti-Intrinsic factor: Negative

I have bought some Jarrows 5,000mcg B12 Methylcobalamin and a good quality whole-food multi supplement. Before I start taking these I was considering having the active b12 test to see what it was, since once I start taking the B12 I know that this result will not be a reliable indicator due to the supplements. However, the active test needs a GP referral, and while my GP did order the additional tests I asked for, he has now adamantly told me that I do not have B12 problems, so won’t give me the referral.

So my question is, should I forget about having the test and just start taking the supplements, or investigate the much more expensive Blue Horizon active b12 test? I’ve been waiting a while for the results of my MMA test, and so have been putting off taking the B12/supplements. I don’t want to keep waiting though as things won’t improve (well let’s hope so anyway) until I do start taking the B12/supplements.

So what's your thoughts?

Cheers :)

(PS Resubmitted this in this group as per advice from those in the the Thryoid UK group)

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Hi whitenoise

If your MMA result is not over the ref range of normal used by the lab that did the test then it may not be worth having the active B12 test. Normally you have active B12 test if serum B12 falls in to the so called "grey" area (or symptoms do not match results say). Then if active B12 test is in the so called grey area your bloods will be tested for MMA to get a more accurate diagnosis. MMA over the ref range of normal implies B12 def at tissue level.

I hope this helps, I can not be more precise as you have not given ref ranges used for "normal" with most of your results above,

Kind regards,



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