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B12 supplements active b12 test

Hello all

I have arranged to get the full Mma and active b12 test from St Thomas.

I have been taking b12 supplements but not the methylcobalamin sort, the ones that are harder to absorb, begins with c but can't remember what it's called!

Anyway, how long should I stay off supplements before attending for the test or seeing as I am having the full panel of tests done will it not matter too much? I'm hoping the full tests will show if there is a problem not just the active amount?

Thank you

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I would suggest that you contact the hospital (presumably the Viapath unit) for advice relevant to your current usage.


Yes I did that Friday but am yet to receive a reply so just wondered if anyone knew. I'm not taking my supplement incase it's a while that I have to leave it.


I paid for private tests for MMA, Homocysteine and Active B12 and found out afterwards that the fact I was supplementing may have invalidated the results.

I felt upset as I paid a lot of money out. I did ask during a consultation if supplementing prior to tests was a problem and got a rather vague answer.


Thank you so much for the information!


Other people on here have said at least a couple of months.


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