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A big Thank-you to Brilliant nurses!

I had my first B12 injection today and came armed with 4 questions for the nurse as had no joy form the docs - and was truely amazed.

1. when I said I had questions she did not get cross, huff, or tell me how busy she was, she said....OK then

2. she answered my questions open and honestly - telly me when she did not know something, without making me feel stupid for asking them, and offering to find out more for me - wow

3. I asked if she could show me how to do it, as I had seen here that it was possible and, (at this point having rather warmed to this amazingly helpful and freindly person - most unlike the docs) that I had read the NICE guidelines and what the doc was reccomending was not going to sort out my symptoms - she did not tell me off for seaking advice from PAS (like the docs did) she did not tell me that is impossible - you are just a patient, what do you know ( as the odcs did) - she said.....sure, can I just show you a few times before you crack on with it

4. She asked me - I repeat for all of you who have already fallen off your chairs in amazement - She asked Me, how I was doing and if she could help further!

Forget the fact that the injection did not hurt one bit - I never felt it go in,, even though she had to deal with my arm shaking as it does (out of my control) - just being in the presence of someone actualling willing to help has totally lifted my day 9 its only been 10 minutes since I was there so I don't think this is the B12 talking)

Somehow, getting a DR in front of your name must strip out all humanity and relieve them of the ability to listen, because this Nurse was eminently knowledgable and technically skilled and no doubt sees wice as many patients a day as my docs do at the same surgery, and yet had not had the same compassion-ectomy they have.

Brilliant - just a totally lovely experience and she even advised me to push for the haematologist referral and interpreted my blood test results for me ( which I did not ask her to do - she was just interested as I had just got a a copy from the receptionist)

So to all the Nurses like this out there - thank-you! and please know you have such a positive effect on peoples lives, I am still in pain, and yes I still feel rotten, but I feel happy to come back an d be stabbed by her any day, and have faith that she cares about her patients.

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So glad you had a good experience, my injections hurt and the nurse was often running late and very busy. Apparently if you are tense they hurt so it sounds like this lovely nurse knows how to relax a patient, I hope you get her again!


Hi Serendipity16,

I am sorry to hear your experience with B12 injections is not a good one. I have a different nurse for my next shot so fingers crossed she is as helpful.

I just had a voice-mail from the nurse, she had tried to get more info from the docs but was unable to so advised me to use the PAS website - I cannot believe she not only took the time to get me more info but actually called even though she was unable to - that goes above and beyond anything I could hope for.


Hi Mrs. Somerset

Not all doctors become monsters,often the Dr. is simply seen for what it really is, a degree that allows those who have it bestowed upon them to PRACTICE medicine. Good doctors realise, that even they, can't know everything, but they are confident enough in their limited abilities, to simply admit such facts and be prepared to continue a process of continual learning. When it comes to the process leaning, often one can learn from the guy who simply sweeps the surgery floor, for he or she, see's the cracks that you simply walk by each and every day without noticing. So the next time you encounter such apathetic or aloof behaviour, simply allow it to ride over you and pity the poor sole who thinks that way.

Hope your next injections also go well and you soon begin to feel better, if not, ask your friendly nurse what type of cobalamin is in the injection, it may well be Hydroxocobalamin and although you do not mention your symptoms, certain problems may respond better to other forms of B12, such as Methylcobalamin, but please don't expect results overnight, you may need 6 months or so before you feel the outcome fully.

Best wishes B12 Turbo


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