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Back and Forth I go..Round and Round..Up and Down!!!

I thought that I was all finished up here..Not so..

My B12 rose beautifully and so did my iron, ferritin, potassium...

I was looking like a million bucks with those numbers...

I stopped with the self injection of B12's, continued with the multi vitamin

I was feeling pretty smart like I beat PA out...

but guess what? Yep, I am back again and this time I am going to

the doctor to get my loading dose of B12..

I know the song and dance about taking the other vitamins with it..

Oh Shoot, hugh?

It's been good for a month or so after I loaded myself with B12,

knowing that I had to go in for testing..

and here it is at the very bottom again..oh dang..

No more smartie pants over here..= DD.

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You are smart Yikes, because you can be in charge of your own treatment, and now you perhaps have an idea of how frequently you need your B12. H x


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