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Well I have three conditions now, hoping this is the last one to find out about. Vitamin d deficiency

I've been feeling tired again since April, no change in my Thyroid medication and receiving 8 weekly b12 injections and taking a b12 sublingual tablet daily. So I wondered why I was having cravings for salty and sugary food and getting really angry for no apparent reason. Along with this my hair was thinning again and I was having aches and pains, mainly in my legs, but shooting pains in other parts of my body.

I have now found out, that I am vitamin d deficient. I hope this is the last one now. The good news is I have been taking vitamin d supplements for only a week and I am seeing an improvement in mood, skin and my hair is thickening up again. Interestingly I was taking vitamin d supplements throughout the previous winter and I can attribute all of these symptoms, since stopping taking these around April time.

I was thinking I needed more vitamin b12, as I was sure my Levothyroxine dosage was correct, but after seeking support from another very helpful charity I am now on the road to recovery.

Just thought I would share this, so if anyone is having similar symptoms, they get other things tested.

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As always, check with the doctor. I did do a search on b12 over dosing..

In taking higher doses, there are some really scary things that can happen.

Heart palpitations is on that list. I have a little bit of that going on tonight.

Is it something to worry about, nahh. I had this happen from another medicine

a long time ago.

Vitamin D is one that you do not want to overdose on.. If your doctor assigned

a certain amount to take, take only that.. also don't take this immediately before

a blood test.. it messes with the results. I found that out firsthand. I had to pay

for the repeated test without taking the vitamin D.

Remind your doctor to re-check the levels every 6 months or so to make

sure that you are getting enough. =)


I was the same and went to my doctor and asked for a vitamin check after reading a post on this site to have my vitamins checked, the doctor looked at me like I had horns on my head and reluctantly took the blood tests. Bingo, a few days later I was put on a course of Vit B12 injections, now 3 monthly and told my Vit D levels were low, but that is no surprise as 50% of the population is low on vit d, advice given to me was to get out in the sun as much as possible and use a low factor sun cream if you live in a hot country. I also take just a standard vit D supplement and I feel a lot better.


It is worth looking at the Vitamin D COuncil website -lots of useful info on how much etc and making sure it is D3 that you take. I was also diagnosed with this not surprising as i cannot tolerate any sun at all -not even an English Spring This is due to a skin condition -you would have thought the GP's would have thought of took the main bone in my leg to break out of the blue and the hospital to refer me to orthopedics before it was picked up -my level at that point was negligible......hmmm. A very 'helpful' nurse suggested that I get out in the sun more too -she clearly didn't realise that if I did i would just burn horrifically and then end up with skin cancer!!! bless her!

I think the advice to use a low factor sun cream in a hot country is very ignorant -Suncreen lotion no matte the factor stops vit D forming on the skin -probably one of the reasons why vit D deficiency has escalated -all the advice about putting sunscreen lotion on and covering up is stopping us making vit D.....arghhh!!!!!


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