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Some red spot in my upper mouth and coming blood after getting b12 injection

Hi, fabruary 2012 my doctor found some erosion in my duodenum, he gives me treepol therapy, ant ppi, but I filling burning in my stomach, then doctor see my b12 label it was 135, iron was 40, doctor give me b12 supplement, and iron supplement, but no major improvement, then doctor check b12 label and pernicious anaemia there was anti parietal cell antibody : positive and intrinsic factor antibody : negative, iron label 40, b12 was 316, doctor give me b12 injection 1000 every week for 4 week, then once for every month for 3 month and then Once for every 3 month, my one months time is yesterday finished, after talking this injection I see some red spot in my mouth upper side and coming blood, my last 17 day's ago my b12 label was bellow 1000, any one can answer me please, pa is very uncommon in my country, so doctors haven't proper knowledge about this, please any suggestions send email:

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Hi npno,

The very best place (in my opinion) to get advice and support on Pernicious Anaemia is the Pernicious Anaemia Society:


What country are you in? Can you read English very well? You can read a lot of information on their website for free, but to post your story on the forum you need to be a member. There is a fee of £20 for membership.

They also have a Facebook page:

Although they are UK based their membership is global I think.

Are you feeling better since having the injections? Don't worry about your B12 levels, as they will be high once you've started B12 treatment. Any excess that your body doesn't need is passed in your urine (it is a water soluble vitamin).

I don't know about your sore mouth, have you had your folate levels checked?



Have you seen this page?

Someone who wrote that did quite well in saying:


Associated diseases of vitamin B 12 deficiency

Thyroid disorders

Addison's disease

Gastric cancer

Polyps, carcinomas, dysplasias

Crohn's disease

Celiac Disease

Diabetes type I



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