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Have I got PA?

I am new to this site

I noticed on a recent blood test print out that my ferritin level was 178 and my vitimin B12 was 226

I'm having pins and needles in the arms legs and feet, palpitations/chest discomfort, blurred vision, feel very tired but dont sleep very well.

I didn't hear back from the nurse at my surgery re the blood test so I assume the results are normal.

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Unfortunately the NHS range is something like 180 - 900, so 226 is "within range" however meany people think that the bottom of the range should be at least 300.

The pins and needles are a signal of B12 deficiency (I know I am suffering at moment as well) so research this on pernicious anmea site and and GO BACK TO GP asking for B12 injections


Hello airk

I had my first b12 injection last Thurs. like me I see you are suffering from pins and needles, should they go away in time with treatment,? Mine are mainly in my lower legs and feet but also in the arms, I notice that they are worse when I get up and walk about.


Hi airk

As you recomended I went onto the site and got lots of info,



first off i have come to realize that you have to be on top of the doctors and ring up and get copies of your blood tests also they do not seem to bother to call you, so you have to make the first move. its not like the old days when you relied on the doctor. next the range is too wide and you will always be normal even when you are not!- that is well low, and i would suspect that you are loe- in japan they treat 550 as low. you can have an ACTIVE B12 TEST done at st thomas hosp in london but you need a lsigne dletter from gp bu YOU pay so they should sign without hassle. look up DR. CHANDRY and b12.


Thank you for your reply.

As I said I my reply above to airk.

"I went onto the B12 site and got some more info." I also e/mailed them on Dr Chandry's site and had a reply back yesterday saying " That they can confirm that my GP would concider 226 to be within the normal range." it also stated " that there are many different diseases that have the same symptoms" and perhaps go back to see my GP.

I'm not familiar with the Japanese medical numbers, only the British and American, which are similiar.

As you say you have to be "on top of your Dr. these days" which is why I also have a print out of any blood tests I have done.

I obviously wouldn't concider going to London for tests it's too far from me as I live in the Cambridge Area, but would concider paying for one if my local hospital [ Addenbrooks in Cambridge ] did them, Perhaps I could find out.


Active B12 home test kit. (untested so I don't know how reliable they are)

(enter TUK10 to get £10 off)

Your bio-available level could be as little as 15% of 226.

Mine was ony 10%.

MMA Urine home testkit

If your B12 is at certain range and have a raised MMA level, you are B12 deficient.


Your blood test results are within range that's why you didn't hear from the nurse. My local hospital lab. Reference Ranges are B12 211-911, Ferritin 10-291,Folate 2.8-19, but Lab reference ranges vary according to areas. I had my tests repeated with a private lab and with this lab Ferritin range is10-232 with an optimal range of27-122 and Folate range 3.4-17.5 and an optimal range of anything below 3.4 is regarded as low,B12 range 211-911 is the same asthe private lab,but their optimal range is 300-911. I should mention that B12 deficiency and Pernicious anaemia symptoms are similar to under active thyroid. Have you had tests for thyroid dysfunction?


Hi mariolin

Thank you for your reply.

All these different numbers can get confusing. My blood test result numbers differ from yours above. The serum vitimin B12 range on my print out was [ 197-866 ] My thyroid was OK. at 1.05. I do have a slightly raised serum ferritin of 178 should be [ 13- 150 ]

I have asked a question on ferritin levels on this site and got a couple of answers back on that.

which you may want to read.

I'm finding this site very helpful


Hi Bowler

Thanks for your reply as you can see reference ranges vary from lab to lab.My lab range for Ferritin is 10-232 or private lab is 10-201 so your Ferritin of 178 is not considered raised by my hospital or even private lab. It is very confusing and irritating when you are trying to establish if your test result shows normal or not!

what I gave you in my earlier message were just different lab ranges used and not my blood test results.

Re your thyroid test being ok at 1.05 I presume you are referring to the TSH which is in range,but have you hade a more comprehensive thyroid test done? If you are interested a good site to visit is

glad you found good answers back on this site regarding Ferritin,hope your health improves I know what it is like to struggle with bad health.


I have seen my Dr. this afternoon. She said "my B12 was within the limits at 226, but borderline", and as I'm having so much fatigue, pins and needles, blurred vision, palpitation. She has given me a B12 injection.

As for my slightly raised ferritin level it's probably due to inflammation, I recently had a kidney and chest infection, which could be the cause of it being slightly raised ?

I also have Giant cell arteritis and have to take steroids, I'm falling apart!!!!!!


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