Mucuna pruriens

I have been enjoying several posts on this site and have followed links and trails leading to complementary therapies and dietary supplements. These have given me plenty of ‘food for thought.’

However, at a recent meeting of a support group here in Plymouth UK, a neurologist and research scientist outlined the history of Parkinson’s and its treatment. She spoke about the use of Mucuna pruriens with its active ingredient, L-Dopa, and how that was used before the modern treatments we have now.

If you have Parkinson’s, are taking complementary and herbal therapies, please let your clinicians know as you may be getting additional or interfering drug actions from these and your prescription pills. The herbalist or source of your ‘herbal remedies’ should be able to indicate any possible reactions with prescription drugs, I know they do in the UK.


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  • Thanks for sharing that information it all helps. Take carex

  • I dont take any other medications other than natual things so will let you know how it goes- x

  • Hello Hilary,

    If you have a policy policy of only taking natural things, doesn't that mean you may miss out on a particularly effective treatment. Wouldn't it be more pragmatic to assess each treatment on its own merits?

    After all being a natural substance does not exclude the possibility of toxicity or side effects. There are plenty of harmful natural substances out there, and most substances may be harmful in the right circumstances. Take water for example, apart from the obvious risk of drowning in the stuff, it is possible to drink too much resulting in kidney problems, even to the point of kidney failure and death.

    life is a hazardous business and I am concerned that your policy of natural treatments only simply adds another hazard to the list and you may well be missing out on something really good.

    Being natural does guarantee safety.

    Kind regards.


  • Whoops, of course I meant "Being natural does NOT guarantee safety.

  • I dont take anything without the advice of my neurologist. My blood pressure tablets are i hope a non natural temporary thing.

    I put out the question if anyone found themselves better for taking drugs...only i person replied in the affirmative.

    I dont rule out anything but if John Coleman managed to get symptom free and takes no drugs whats the harm in trying. Alll those on medication seem to have to take extra medication to deal with side effects which in some cases has given them further different problems.

    I believe we are what we eat and think ..if we take food to nourish our brain, and do exercise and work on our subconscious and conscious mind into thinking well...who knows it may work.

  • I'm in agreement with you, Hilarypeta. Natural is better, but there are also some good prescription drugs too. I'm taking John Coleman''s class right now and starting to follow his program. It's been very encouraging.

  • Good perhaps we can encourage each other and keep in touch. I havent enrolled but have read the book do the exercises and try to keep off glutten and dairy and sugar. Its hard..

  • I'd love to hear about your progress.

    The class is good, but it moves

    really slow. I really think you can get all the information you need from the book. I can e-mail any questions, so if you have one let me know. We just finished the last class on nutrition. I've got to go grocery shopping before I can really start. Are you doing Bowen therapy?

  • I am relieved to hear that your policy on taking natural treatments only is not completely rigid. Good to have a happy medium. The positive thinking thing should be good.

    Best wishes.


  • Another problem with many natural therapies is a very uncertain "strength" or dosage questions. All sources, refinement processes and efficacies are not equal...even when comparing apples (natural "meds") to apples. I've avoided the oranges (laboratory sourced medicines) for everything I've taken except for two medicines: Sinemet and L- thyroxine, both due to my belief that the strengths I am taking in are closer to being consistent.

    BTW, i always ask my pharmicist to ensure we're using the same lab for each scrip renewal.

    Steve (Bisbee,


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