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Mannitol and Mucuna


Has anyone tried mannitol with Mucuna? Here’s the link:

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I love the combo. I ordered some today.

jeffreyn in reply to Cons10s

It's a pre-mixed combination of mannitol and mucuna powder (percentages unstated). They say to take 2 teaspoons per day. In the FAQ section they say "There is no conflict with any other medication that the patient uses concurrently with mannitol."

The combination of mannitol and mucuna within the one product is novel, and may be worthy of a clinical trial or two. The main problems I have are the implication that 2 teaspoons per day is the right dose for everyone, and the omission of any recognition that the mucuna may have an impact on some existing Parkinson's medications.

Buckholt in reply to jeffreyn

It is 99% mannitol and 1% mucuna.

jeffreyn in reply to Buckholt

Thanks. Hopefully, a mucuna user will come along and comment on the implications of those percentages.

jeffreyn in reply to jeffreyn

While we're waiting, here is my 2 cents worth. One percent mucuna is effectively zero percent mucuna, which makes this "mannitol" product pretty expensive.

ParlePark in reply to jeffreyn

I agree. If that the route one takes, buying separately save you quite a bit of $$.

I mix my own. Last thing at night I take a quarter of a teaspoon of Mucuna, a dash of mannitol and 250 mg of B1.

I've been using mucuna pruriens for over a year now and recently bought mannitol. It's a good combination and the mannitol is helping lower the intensity of apathy, increasing motivation and a stronger sense of smell. The fragrance of wildflowers.....🌺🌻💐

I don't think a fixed percentage ratio will fit most people. Everyone will need a different ratio.

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