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Parkinson Therapy Center in Italy


I highly recommend the Parkinson Therapy Center located in Northern Italy, in the spa town of Boario Terme, in a scenic valley of the lake region, at the foot of the Alps.

Classes were small, 3 to 4 patients plus spouses in attendance, conducted in English, animated by a positive and friendly staff of 7-8 young Italians. One of us was a repeat from last year.

For each of 6 mornings, in a well-equipped fitness room, I performed 1.5 hour of demanding physical exercises under the watchful eye of the same personal trainer; in the afternoon, we attended 1-2 hours of presentations, one group exercise in meditation and personal counseling in goal setting. Spouses opt for a separate interview.

Physical tests of gait and balance were performed on days #1 and #6, to motivate us toward continued practice by showing progress after only a few days.

As a non-profit, it cost less than $800 for 6 days [2 weeks sessions are also available]. Additional sessions in psychology and/or neurology counseling and/or massage can be arranged for an extra fee [each less than $100].

You can choose your hotel but the Rizzi Aquacharme accross the street is a no brainer at a discounted price of $75/person/day for room + 3 gourmet meals per day plus a 2hr daily access to an indoor spa.

E-mail for more details and photographs.

Visit the European Therapy Center website at

To Thiamine B1 protocol followers: some 5 hours away by car, in the coastal city of Genoa, a supportive neurologist will consult with you, in person only [a condition for follow-up consultations by e-mail] at a $140 price.

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Hi, my husband and I are attending the centre this September, as soon as I found out about it and showed it to him we booked that same day. Nothing like it where we are from, everything here is nocebo, and no one supportive of mucuna, B1 etc. We will be spending two weeks extra in Italy after attending the centre. Did you see the neurologist in Genoa? If so can you tell me about your experience, do you take natural supplements or pharma meds and B1? We would consider going to Genoa for a consult.

Pa-zzi69 in reply to PEB69

Neurologist in Genoa

Hello PEB69, in answer to your questions:

On June 7 I consulted in person, in fluent English, with the neurologist in Genoa. Except for his support of the Thiamine B1 protocol, he seems to have a conventional approach to drugs, pleading insufficient knowledge about mucuna, while briefly sketching an overview of the classes of drugs . Understand that my case [recent diagnosis, mild symptoms, no drugs, only B1 supplement] didn’t encourage him to display the full extent of his competence. He tested me enough to confirm my Parkinson.

Of the 3 neurologists I have consulted [2 in the US], he is the only one to support Dr Costantini’s Thiamine B1 protocol, for having been associated with its development in 2011.

The consultation lasted 50min and cost 125 euros.

The two primary benefits of my visit:

#1 - He doubled my dose of B1 from 450mg to 1g and suggested a later increase to 1.5g

#2 - I now count on his future advice on B1, if and when my symptoms worsen.

Let me know if you go to Genoa. The logistics are complex and I’m prepared to help. You may e-mail me at

Below you can read my request to the dottore.

Best Regards,

Marc P


Dear Dottore,

May I have your permission to communicate your e-mail address and office phone number‬ to patients with Parkinson who express a desire to consult with you in-person in Genoa ?

Only on Fridays between 2 and 4pm ?

Please confirm that you only consult by e-mail [and telephone ?] with those patients who have previously consulted with you in person, as understood from a past communication from Marco Colangeli to a member of the forum, following Dr Costantini disability.

I await your reply before replying to two interested forum members.

Best Regards,

Marc P


My husband and I went there in May to the centre in Italy and same hotel! It has been one of the best experiences and help for PWP since his diagnosis!

Planning to go again sometime soon. My husband has been helped with the exercises shown at the centre and he has been doing well.

Xenos in reply to Zella23

What if one doesn't speak Italian ?

GioCas in reply to Xenos


The italians try speak english, :-)

you are always welcome in Italy

Zella23 in reply to Zella23

They all speak great English! 😊

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