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Does anyone have experience treating Parkinsons with light therapy?

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For 3 days on YouTube I've searched for video testimonials supporting light therapy for Parkinsons. I only found '2' very minor personal testimonials (one had no sound and the other was part of a 3 minute newscast). So has anyone out there been using red light therapy (helmets or similar) to treat their Parkinsons? thanks

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Have you tried going to "posts" and in the search box for "search cure parkinsons" type "red light" ?

thank you!

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Check out the website ‘red lights on the brain’

I ordered my husband a Red Coronet (duo) which gives infrared and lower light in a 20 minute program. I ordered it online from Red Coronet in Australia - since receiving I have also ordered the Therapad which has its own 20 minute program. Delivery time was reasonable and I was notified every step of the way. I recently read that a Therapad can be placed on the abdomen/gut with notes mentioning that it will produce dopamine that is missing in a Parkinson brain. Time will show the results.

I have also purchased the red light helmet from well red in Australia. I have been using it for a couple of weeks. I have noticed minor improvements in balance and possibly fine motor skills I.e. keyboarding. The greatest improvement I’ve noticed is in a painful right knee that I have been placing the helmet over twice a day. The pain has been reduced by at least 50% on the knee. Now I’m starting to use it on my right shoulder which has been working up to getting frozen for a couple of years now. I’m looking forward to more improvements in the future. I will update again.

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thank you very much -- please keep us posted as to your progress with the helmet and your PD... stay strong!

Our PD group No Silver Bullet interviewed Catherine Hamilton of Well Red and Dr lim of Vielight, interviews here:-

And as WinnieThePoo rightly said , lots of post if you search Red light

All the best

thanks but i'm looking for feedback from actual PDP... i've already reviewed that device and exchanged emails with Ms. Hamilton and other companies -- i'm not convinced... so far... no one can offer me YouTube 'real person' (not company commericails) testimonials of success with red light therapy... so it remains a 'fraud/ gimmick' until it's proven otherwise

I’ve been using the Vielight for for 3 1/2 years. I’ve been reasonably stable but it’s not the only method I’m using. Amino acids and high dose Vit B1 plus doing rock steady . I can’t say which one has helped but I was diagnosed 5years ago and haven’t used pharmaceuticals yet.

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