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The famous book about vitamin B1 treatment (HDT by Dr. Antonio COSTANTINI ) written by Daphne Bryan has also been released in Italian today.

Now Parkinson's, thanks to this book, scares less and it can be used to explain the disease even to relatives and friends who are often too afraid to inform themselves and do not understand us.

Thank you Daphne

You can find it on Amazon!

greetings from Italy


19 Replies
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Thank you for letting us know, Gio.

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Thanks Gio! It has been a a long time! I hope all is going well for you!


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Gioc in reply to Stevenmast

hi Steven,

With the PD, the COVID, the WAR, we are just a couple of H-bombs gets tough, but we have to keep hope and interest in life high if we want to survive.

It's always a pleasure to hear from you!

the world is a jungle ..only tigers survive and it's tough for them too. How are you doing tiger Steven?

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Stevenmast in reply to Gioc

As my my dad use to say "Sonny boy you are a piece work" it is always nice hearing from you! I'm not so sure about the tiger these days I would say more of gentle lamb! Gentle until I need to fight! I don't remember your words exactly but I had mentioned my my wife wanted to separate after 28 years. You said I was being dramatic which if you know me wouldn't be far from the truth! LOL Well, she's gone! That said, I'm feeling pretty good I'm still treating myself with mucuna only! I'm doing a lot of meditation still working but I don't ride my unicycle anymore. That is probably for the best!! LOL I hope you are doing well! I miss the pictures of your culinary Marvel's! Stay well Gio!!!

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Gioc in reply to Stevenmast

Thank you Steven,

that it is a pleasure to have you back with us did I tell you that?

It's true, you were right and I'm sorry it ended this way.

I know you loved her very much.

But I also know that people do things they are ashamed of and then they keep them secret from others, finally they leave so they don't hurt anymore. A self-punishment.

I hope you are still in communication.

I also hope to hear from you again, we miss your posts always positive and full of humanity and kindness to people which are the basis for trust and peace between people and peoples of the earth.

I am almost well , always on 400 of Madopar plus b1 injections.

Thank you Steven

Greeting from Italy.😀






from right to left:

Me last year,

spaghetti with pesto,

Octopus with potatoes,

pizza with ham and mushrooms,

mixed fried fish

Cibo 🥯
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TL500 in reply to Stevenmast

are you only taking Mucuna without carbidopa?

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Thanks for sharing

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I am reading it a 2nd time (skimmed it the first time) and highly recommend to every pwp.

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huge congratulations Daphne and thank you Gio ❤️

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Thanks Gio for this information, and the picture albeit a stormy sky! I also have Daphnes book and often refer to it.

We have a beautiful morning in London, fitting for the funeral of our much loved Monarch Queen Elizabeth II. greetings from the U.K.

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What sent shivers down my spine was the fact that the Italian edition’s publication date, yesterday 18th September, would in fact have been Dr Costantini’s 71st. birthday.

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The book is also published in French, Dutch and Spanish

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Kia17 in reply to Dap1948

Thank you for your efforts. I appreciate your hard work.

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Hi there. My understanding is that the doses mentioned does not accurately reflect Dr Constantini experience and does not mention Dr Longsdales recommendations

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Gioc in reply to M-o-ggy

it could be , even the Bible has been rewritten dozens of times , I recommend delving into the theory behind thiamine where the most obvious thing in my opinion is that it energetically favors brain cells that have survived Parkinson's disease now tired and with few mitochondria.

A different lesion extent might correspond to a different dose of b1, but I don't know this because we are in an experimental field.


“….Morphometric analysis revealed altered cristae morphology in GBA-PD neurons compared to isogenic GC and healthy controls (Figures 1A, 1B, and S1A). In addition, GBA-PD neurons showed a significant increase in mitochondrial diameter (Figure 1C). Next, we measured oxygen consumption rates (OCRs) and found that GBA-PD neurons displayed significantly reduced basal respiration and decreased maximal OCR as well as ATP-linked OCR and spare respiratory capacity .


Here is a nice picture of the damaged Mitochondria

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Gio, thank you for the information that I have already

shared. I have already purchased the book. I had the good fortune to interact via email with Dr. Costantini, to get to know his noble soul and his immense heart, the simplicity in offering you his help and the joy with which he shared with you the results of his protocol that "had given you back your life" that " made you forget that you had the disease " . Thanks to Daphne for this book of hers that our late Dr. Costantini would have called "meritorious work " because it was aimed at giving help to those still burdened by all the symptoms of the disease.

Thank you to Dr. Colangeli, Dr. Fancellu and all those who spend themselves to bring to fruition the project of this incomparable man,

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hi Gioc

I read your post about B1 success after seeing Dr C. How long have you been on B1? Are you still on B1 treatment? Are you still having success? Has your PD progressed since starting HDT B1 treatment?

I am 51, newly diagnosed and started B1 in Aug this year.

Thanks for your reply



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Gioc in reply to Isotope

All the answers and what vitamin b1 could do for you can be found In Daphne Bryan's book. In my opinion the book is also a manual for those who want to try b1.

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thanks for your reply. Yes I have the book and have been on B1 since august. Was just curious to see if B1 was still helping you????

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