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All you need to know about the Mitochondria , the cell Powerhouse


All you need to know about the Mitochondria

“Mitochondria dysfunction and dopaminergic cell death in PD pathogenesis. ... All these may directly or indirectly affect the mitochondrial function of protein degradation systems, including UPS and ALP, and thereby, cause the death of dopamine neurons.”

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Good one.

good video Kia, I love these explanations supported by drawings and photos, Cellular Life is a composite of more lives that work together in a coordinated way, A set of cells form organs and so on. I like to think of this complexity by subdividing the problem into function and structure. Where the function determines the structure. It is a very old idea, a little mystical if we want, but it can help to understand the complexity of Cellular Life.

Kia17 in reply to GioCas

Thanks Gio

New human trials on Diabetes drug that can slow progression of PD. MSDC-0160 affects the mitochondria. Find the article at (

Thak you for the link.

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