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PD non-motor symptoms

I was diagnosed with pd Jan 2015. As far as motor symptoms I experience left arm/hand tremor, left foot dystonia, arm/shoulder pain & stiffness, some imbalance. Currently taking rasagiline & Rytary.

Now and before my diagnosis I’ve experienced a feeling of nervousness, like having too much caffeine (which I have stopped using). This is what bothers me the most because it gets worse in stressful situations which increases my tremor and effects my concentration and word finding ability. My doctors tell me it’s anxiety but I think it’s more than that. I work in a very busy, noisy environment which I find intolerable at times. Unfortunately I can’t change that right now.

I’ve read this is a symptom of pd but don’t find too much information about it and how to manage it. Anyone care to share their experience &/or advice about this?

I am still able to work 5 days a week as RN. My job is fast paced with lots of walking

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Magnesium and/or gabapentin might help



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Google doctor Constantine Parkinson's and review my profile

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Not unusual to have anxiety etc with PD. Also change in mood (for better or worse) can effect physical symptoms quite quickly.

Have a look at:


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I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s one of my worst symptoms. Restlessness like I’ve had way too much caffeine. I’m not on meds either. Have had some success with high dose mag citrate for this. Yoga /tai chi also really good. Try and reduce stress (easier said than done) good luck!


Yes , you see the thing about PD is that you do need to adjust some what . You may have noticed that a loud noise startles you even though you knew the noise was coming. It takes very little stress to instantly make the PD come on strong and that creates a lot of stress.

PD makes stressful situations + stress makes PD worse, a lot worse

You must change your environment and get rid of what ever is creating stress in your life.

A noisy environment is intolerable to a Parky and if you are working as a nurse in a fast pace situation you are not giving yourself much chance to cope. Have you considered telling the Hospital or other employer that you have PD. They may have other jobs.

PS go back to the coffee


I was able to get rid of anxiety and get mental and physical energy with supra-dose of Solgar Thiamine HCL 2g/day per dr. Constantini recommendation. I do not swallow the pills, I chew them and drink water and it works fine one hour after eating but no later than 3pm. I do not take anything else except 2000 ui of d3/day. Dr. Constantini recommended also to take acid folic (b9) ,too. I have stressful job ,too.

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