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Fecal Transplants Relieve Constipation and Motor, Non-Motor Symptoms

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It's all here - you probably saw it already :


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Promising. There are other studies in the pipeline. I had this planned as a treatment option I would pursue - but I'm happy to wait for more results

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Xenos in reply to WinnieThePoo

Totally agree.

I wonder how long is the pipeline though. In the meantime I take probiotics - shooting at random... 😅

@winniethepoo, appreciate your candor, but isn't that an absolutely gross thing. Besides that is deadly as well. Why would you put yourself through the torture?


Strange as it seems, someone else’s poop could turn your life around.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog...

@Xenos, that is absolutely gross and thankfully quite dangerous according to recent reports 🙏😇.


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Xenos in reply to pdpatient

I remember of a start-up company (in the US) working on a FMT pill...

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pdpatient in reply to Xenos

Here are two links to the deadly nature of the procedure.




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Xenos in reply to pdpatient

The man

"developed a fatal infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria that were in the donor's stool sample"

Antibiotic resistance is a problem by itself...

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Hikoi in reply to pdpatient

That’s not deadly, one death in an immunocompromised cancer patient. Out of how many people had the treatment?

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Robb48 in reply to pdpatient

Not at all dangerous if the samples have been properly tested. Hugely promising procedure. Actually FMT is mostly used at present to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria. As for "gross".... not exactly a priority....

I seem to remember more studies being done in the West, maybe Belgium? That were looking into this for PD. All data so far comes from China. Highly frustrating that more data is not available, given how safe it is. Or that it is not more readily available - in the UK, there is a centre at Birmingham University, but they only deal with NHS and not private, or you can pay £5k to "Taymount Clinic" who insist on having you stay with them in their luxury accommodation for 10 days to do a procedure that is way over the top for most people. Freeze dried pills seem to be the way to go, but not available in the UK.

My husband is on his second week of taking magnesium oxide by Sundown found on Amazon and he has had zero issues!!! This after trying drugs, a cocktail of prune juice, apple sauce, and fiber. It seemed too good to be true but after trying so many other things what did he have to lose (no pun intended!!)? EVERYONE that my friend has told about this has had success.

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AmyLindy in reply to slimweiss

Mannitol- standardized Dose & doctors approved for daily use

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